Konomi Network (KONO) June Summary

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2022-07-22 00:45:40

Half the way of 2022 has passed and Konomi Network wants to inform users what the project is pursuing this month.

Konomi Network (KONO) June Summary

Konomi hopes to continue making efforts to bring the best developments for the last 6 months of the year. Here are the key developments for June 2022:

  • Deploy Ocean Lending on BSC Mainnet;
  • Monitor BSC performance;
  • Oracle V2 (under discussion).

Important milestones in June

About Konomi Network

Konomi Network is a complete management solution for cross-chain crypto assets. Konomi is developed on Polkadot Substrate, the project was born with the aim of supporting more assets in the Polkadot ecosystem. Users can manage, trade assets and earn interest through Defi products. Konomi also released its native token to initiate liquidity and decentralized governance.

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