J-SASE Cloud provides a perfect architecture for enterprise networks

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2022-07-31 13:52:05

Today many businesses are moving to a digital business model, this transformation depends heavily on stable global access to applications and data on local servers or in the cloud, along with Support staff to work from anywhere. Outdated network systems including disparate point solutions are no longer suitable for modern digital business enterprises.

Faced with the requirements of global, SD Wan, security, cloud, mobility and convergence, SASE was born to solve and meet the problems that customers are facing.

Based on the SASE model (first introduced by Gartner), J-SASE Cloud provided by VNTT is a network model including SD-WAN and network security solutions integrated on one cloud platform. only. This platform eliminates complex, high-cost and difficult-to-manage security solutions to a simple, secure, intelligent and cost-effective network.

J-SASE runs on its own global platform of more than 70 PoPs. PoPs software continuously monitors latency, packet loss, and jitter information to determine the best path in real time.

Backbone connection between countries ensures availability > 99.999% and is committed by reputable Tier 1 ISPs.

J-SASE Cloud provides a perfect architecture for enterprise networks - Photo 2.

What is the current challenge of the traditional WAN system that your business is facing?

You can start from the following ways:

J-SASE Cloud provides a perfect architecture for enterprise networks - Photo 3.

Convert MPLS to SD-WAN

J-SASE allows customers to replace or supplement expensive, rigid, and capacity-constrained MPLS lines by using a combination of multiple optimized high-capacity Internet links. Global enterprises can use J-SASE Global Private Backbones to reduce costs, meet service levels, improve performance, and deliver security everywhere.

Global connection optimization

J-SASE Cloud uses global private Backbone paths, integrated WANs, and cloud optimization to deliver high performance, predictability, and SLA-enabled everywhere.

Customers who experience high latency, global heterogeneity will have great experiences accessing local or cloud applications using this model.

Secure connection of branches

J-SASE provides a comprehensive network security solution and is integrated in the J-SASE Cloud platform. By connecting all branches to the global private Backbone network via SD-WAN Edge device, all traffic, Internet and WAN connections are fully secured and protected.

Manage and speed up cloud access

J-SASE provides cloud traffic acceleration by routing all traffic from all PoP destinations closest to the cloud data center. Ensure seamless connections and lowest latency.

Secure and optimize remote access

J-SASE extends global network security capabilities to users’ devices. Mobile and remote users won’t face network infrastructure and security bottlenecks. Using the software users can connect to the nearest J-SASE PoP and their traffic is optimized routed through the Global Private Backbone to on-premises or cloud applications.

For advice and learn more about J-SASE service, please contact us:

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