iPhone price list in August 2022: Continue to reduce ‘street fires’ from iPhone 11 to iPhone 13 Pro Max

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2022-08-05 01:57:57

Before Apple announces the new iPhone is considered the golden time to buy iPhone. The Vietnamese market is currently in the best period of iPhone prices with all new iPhone lines still being sold genuine.

Currently, it is the beginning of August 2022, the time of the iPhone 14 launch is less than 2 months away. Dealers in Vietnam are racing to reduce prices for all iPhone models from iPhone 11 to iPhone 13 Pro with many different prices.

For the low-cost iPhone segment, the iPhone 11 is now the center of the stage. Accordingly, users can currently buy iPhone 11 for just over 10 million VND for the 64 GB version. Although it is nearly 3 years old, the iPhone 11 is still selling well thanks to a collection of advantages such as dual cameras, powerful chips and, importantly, just as cheap as mid-range smartphones.

This is the lowest drop ever for an iPhone that cost more than 20 million less than 3 years ago. Basically, the iPhone 11 now drops in price faster and deeper than the iPhone XR at the same time. After the iPhone 14 is released, it is certain that the iPhone 11 will be stopped for sale.

In July 2022, the market also witnessed the complete disappearance of iPhone XR and iPhone SE 2 (2022). The new iPhone SE 3 was launched in March for 11,999,000 VND, and in July it was only 9,990,000 VND.

In the high-end segment of iPhone, iPhone 12 in July is also approaching the milestone of VND 15 million. The new square border design and OLED screen help iPhone 12 keep its price significantly.

Meanwhile, with the iPhone 13, the new green iPhone 13 Pro also adds freshness to the market but is more expensive than other colors. But after less than 3 months, the green iPhone 13 is decreasing and there are places selling at the same price as other colors.

iPhone 13 Pro Max closes to 29 million in June 2022

iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1TB capacity is still the iPhone that makes users need to spend the most money when up to 38,890,000 VND to own. However, the popular iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB version at VND 24,990,000 is really a price that destroys competitors in the high-end smartphone segment.

Between dealers, the selling price of iPhone does not have too much difference. The difference usually only ranges from a few hundred to 1 million dong depending on the policy. Below is the iPhone price list in July 2022, the price recorded as the lowest according to market surveys.

iPhone price list in August 2022

  • iPhone 11 – 64GB: 10,790,000 VND
  • iPhone 11 – 128GB: 12,690,000 VND
  • iPhone SE 3 – 64GB: 9,990,000 VND
  • iPhone SE 3 – 128GB: 9,990,000 VND
  • iPhone SE 3 – 256GB: 9,990,000 VND
  • iPhone 12 – 64GB: 15,990,000 VND
  • iPhone 12 – 128GB: 18,290,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Mini – 128GB: 16,990,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Mini – 256GB: 19,990,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Mini – 512GB: 21,990,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 – 128GB: 19,390,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 – 256GB: 22,990,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 – 512GB: 26,990,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Pro – 128GB: 24,390,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Pro – 256GB: 26,890,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Pro – 512GB: 31,990,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Pro – 1TB: 37,990,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – 128GB: 27,390,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – 256GB: 29,390,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – 512GB: 34,990,000 VND
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – 1TB: 41,990,000 VND

(Note, the above selling price was updated on August 1, 2022. The information is for reference only and may change according to reality.)

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