iPad Gen 9 dropped to the floor in mid-July 2022, incredibly cheap to attract Vietnamese customers to close orders

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2022-07-23 07:06:00

(CHK) iPad Gen 9 continues to ‘destroy’ the tablet market with incredibly cheap prices mid-July 2022.

Tablets are now the most exciting entertainment device, and Apple’s iPad 9 is currently one of the devices with the most attractive price and features. Users will definitely want to own an iPad 9 if they know that it is being offered the lowest price ever.

Accordingly, the Amazon e-commerce site is selling Apple’s latest 10.2-inch iPad (ie the 2021 model) for an all-time low price of 290 USD, equivalent to 6.65 million VND. Down to $ 39, down to nearly 1 million dong compared to when it was launched and dropped to $ 300 not too long ago.

Of course, this option only applies to the silver 64GB WiFi version and users will have to wait until early May for delivery. However, if those are not obstacles, then Engatget considers this the best deal ever for the iPad 9.

The 10.2-inch iPad remains attractive thanks to its dominating quality and price. The fast, stable iPad 9 offers an attractive display and longer battery life.

On this latest model, the wide-angle camera with Center Stage is especially useful – it’s easier to get more of your household in the frame during a video call, even when they’re in the background . Offer the upgraded base storage, robust app ecosystem, and better multitasking capabilities of iPadOS 15, and you probably don’t need more of these.

Of course, the same issues still apply. This iPad design now feels dated compared to newer models like the iPad Air and iPad mini. You won’t get tablets with thinner bezels, faster processors, and improved cameras.

The iPad 9 also has support for the second-generation Magic Keyboard or Pencil, for that matter. However, you probably don’t need those extras – the 10.2-inch iPad is still a very capable device for gaming, reading, watching videos, and many other everyday tasks.

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