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2022-08-02 13:21:44

In the new look, we see the team Orbitau There have been many improvements to bring color Play2Earn more, creating more earning opportunities and helping gamers calculate ROI more easily and clearly than previous versions. Specifically, when replaying old levels, players receive both ORI tokens and soulstone – in-game items, instead of just soulstone as in the old version. ORI will be useful when gamers need to upgrade their squad, items or redeem for tokens TAUM to transaction.

From version 1.0 through 2.0, Orbitau adjusted tax rates more reasonable for users holding uORI and ORI. To ensure the benefits of current players, as well as to be grateful for the time spent with the game, the Orbitau team will give some more worthy rewards in the game for current players.

In particular, the two biggest highlights of this update are the NFT system and the very attractive friend invite mode. Specifically, different from Immortal Eggs Previously released, Orbitau will open public sale of NFT eggs by system. Therefore, players are completely active in choosing the missing element to add to their squad, depending on the strength and strategy of each player, instead of randomly as before. Besides, when a player introduces a friend to play the game through his email (equivalent to a referral code) and a new player completes level 1-5 in Orbitau, both new and old players will receive gifts. and there is no limit to the maximum number of referrals. This is an opportunity to collect tokens, valuable items that few games deploy. Moreover, if in the future, when the game modes are expanded such as guilds and top races, having friends available to join the game will bring many significant benefits to gamers.

Finally, in order to support users when traveling to old maps, Orbitau also integrates a fast forwarding mode into the game, so that players can save more time and quickly achieve the desired rewards.

We find that the features in this update are quite close to the needs of players, especially in the period when the GameFi market is tending to be saturated. In addition, the continuous collection of users’ opinions to improve the content and game modes proves the Orbitau team’s efforts to serve the interests of users, in line with the initial commitment at launch. How do you find this new version of Orbitau, you can share it with Thuan and the community here

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