International remittance ICO project adopts blockchain combining sharing economy model

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2021-03-24 06:00:35

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ZEROBANK – A highly practical project in the field of international money transfer applying blockchain technology combined with economic sharing model.


Singapore – May 29, 2018

ZeroBank launched a breakthrough platform in the field of cross-border currency conversion, by pioneering a combination of blockchain technology, smart contracts and shared economic models ( sharing economy).

What is ZeroBank?

ZeroBank is a breakthrough platform developed for the purpose of cross-country, direct and fast money transfer and exchange. Applying the latest technologies such as blockchain, smart contract combined with the sharing economy model, ZeroBank completely removes the common obstacles in conventional multinational money transfers and promises to be a step. Big progress in international currency transactions.

Through ZeroBank, depositors and money exchangers can perform direct peer-to-peer transactions at any time, anywhere, through a large network of agents in the community. Users will only have to bear the lowest cost of money conversion thanks to ZeroBank eliminating all intermediaries with high costs such as banks, companies providing international money transfer services.

Who is ZeroBank’s target audience?

According to a report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB), the value of the transnational remittance industry is estimated at $ 600 billion in 2017. Furthermore, according to the Tourism Council and world travel, the number of international visitors is estimated at 1.3 billion people with spending equivalent to $ 1.4 trillion in 2017.

Thus, the number of people participating in transnational currency conversion activities will be among more than 250 million migrants, 5 million international students, 1.3 billion international tourists and others. People who transfer money to another country and exchange money to a foreign currency instead of having to pay 5% to 10% fee (for money transfers) or even up to 27% (for currency exchange), using ZeroBank to help them cut the minimum is half the cost of converting – saving up to $ 10 billion a year.

ZeroBank also created a platform combined with a shared economic model to provide new employment opportunities for community members such as taxi drivers, tour guides, hotel receptionists, and staff members. sales, students … ZeroBank network participants not only enjoy smart money conversion service, but also gain additional income even if they have no knowledge of the field of crypto or blockchain.

What is the difference that makes ZeroBank’s success?

Many projects that provide payment gateway and currency conversion based on blockchain application claim that their project applies decentralized models, but their business model depends on the system of banks. row. Proposing such projects is completely not feasible in practice because the projects themselves encounter all of the internal problems in the traditional centralized banking system, not to mention the contradictions that arise. between two models in the process.

ZeroBank develops a decentralized distribution system that takes advantage of the sharing economy, using the ZeroBank agent network model instead of centralized interest units (such as banks). Agents are allowed to convert from one currency to another, from one place to another, using the ZeroBank token unit. ZeroBank’s agent system will expand very quickly based on the force of agents in the community, anyone can become ZeroBank’s agent, in any market where ZeroBank is present.

The minimum cost thanks to the distributed system and the maximum convenience thanks to the extensive agent system are the two key points that make ZeroBank the most feasible ICO project in the field of cross-currency conversion. nation.

Key members of ZeroBank

ZeroBank’s development and operation team are seasoned experts and senior business specialists from leading organizations in the currency conversion industry. They are also IT architects and managers for the world’s leading banking and financial services.

CEO Kai Yee Goh is a senior personnel in the payment and currency conversion industry, having held business development positions with key positions at Transfast, United Financial Group, Paypal, Harte-Hanks and Western. Union. Along with him is CTO Bao Ly Van – an IT engineer specializing in banking and financial services, with many years of experience working as a consultant and engineer for BNP Paribas Fortis (bank 8th in the world), AXA Investment Managers, and HSBC Global Banking and Markets.

Not to mention excellent individuals in the same field, the ZeroBank team is the key to success when building this new business model – one that promises to completely change the face of the market. Existing international currency conversion.

ZeroBank Roadmap

The ZeroBank project has carefully prepared for the feasibility study of this completely new model and has closed the number of angel investors and partners from Q4 2017 and Q1 2018. Development The system including facilities, blockchain mining and network setup has been started since Q2 2018. ZeroBank’s ICO process will be completed with a beta release around August to the end of 2018.

ICO information

Total Tokens issued: 1,600,000,000 ZB

Total tokens sold: 640,000,000 ZB

Total estimated sale: $ 48M

Bonus value before ICO: 15%

Currently the project is in phase Whitelist sales. Please visit the ZeroBank website or join the Telegram of the project for more details.

Contact information: Kachi Investment LLC

Singapore: Centennial Tower, Levels 21 & 34, No. 3 Temasek Avenue, Singapore 039190, Singapore

USA: 1476 River St # 8 Hyde Park, Massachusetts 02136, USA

For more information about ZeroBank, please visit:

Email: [email protected]

Telegram: @zerobank_cash

This is an advertising article, all content in the article is on the client’s side, not compiled or reviewed by CHK, readers should carefully research the information before taking action, the virtual currency blog will not be responsible for any any damage caused by readers to trust or use the content in the article.

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