Instructions to make DGX airdrop for $ 60 on VCC Exchange

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2021-03-22 01:23:24

How to receive DGX airdrop?

To have the opportunity to receive $ 60 airdrop from the program, you must purchase a minimum of 5.28 DGX and hodl on VCC Exchange within 30 consecutive days to receive the airdrop.

The airdrop process of the floor is as follows:

  • 0.44DGX (~ $ 20) will be airdropped to the first 160 people of DGX for 10 consecutive days.
  • Next 0.44DGX (~ $ 20) will be airdropped to the first 105 hodl DGX 20 days in a row.
  • Final 0.44DGX (~ $ 20) will be airdropped to the first 50 hodlDGX for 30 consecutive days.

The exchange will send a notification via email to your registration to confirm that you are on the list of winners or not every 10 days. Rewards will be deposited into the account within 1 week after the program announcement ends.


  • Only accounts that have performed Level 3 KYC can claim the bonus
  • VCC Exchange may result in fraudulent accounts.
  • VCC Exchange has full control in the program, can be stopped or canceled depending on the necessary case.

Detailed instructions for KYC level 3

I instruct KYC level 3 because in the tutorial on VCC Exchange, I already instructed KYC level 2.

Link article:

Step 1: You go to “Account” and choose your Email

Step 2: Click on “Submit verification document”


Step 3: Fill in the fields below (Items without * are optional).


The account that has been successfully KYC level 3 will be as shown below:


Instructions to buy 5.28 DGX to receive the airdrop

Step 1: You go to “Fund” and select “Deposit VND”


Step 2: Enter about 6,200,000 VND to buy VND. Because 5.28 DGX falls between 6,000,000-6,100,000 at the time of writing. Select “Deposit”


Step 3: Transfer to the account below and the content of the transfer is the same as in the request below


After sending money, remember to save the picture to send to the admin to confirm that the money is in the account already! Actually, I just need to send money, it takes about 5 seconds to have money, very fast but I still take a backup just to be sure.

Step 4: Go to the main trading screen, select DGX / VND trading pair.


Step 5: Fill in the box with the amount of 5.28 as shown in the picture, you can see the total amount falls to about 6,100,000-6,200,000 VND.


After matching orders, you will have 5.28 DGX as shown in the picture



So I have guided you in detail how to level 3 KYC on VCC Exchange as well as detailed instructions on how to get airdrop on VCC Exchange! I hope that after this article, you can do it yourself and receive the airdrop from the floor! Good luck!

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