Important notes before deciding to buy a used iPhone

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2022-07-20 18:56:07


Appearance is probably the first important factor that you have to keep an eye on. An iPhone with a new appearance will also reflect some of the care of the previous owner. However, if the device is scratched, as well as dented in many areas, it will also show that this iPhone has been dropped or hit hard, which may affect the internal hardware more or less.

Ideally, you should find yourself an old device whose appearance is not too scratched, dented or deformed. The speaker holes, charging port are also not sticky with too much dust. The screw is intact and there is no wear of the screw head due to repeated unscrewing.



Touch and functions work normally, no dead spots on the screen is the next important note when you buy a used iPhone. To make sure, you can tap and hold any app icon on the home screen, then move it around the screen. If the app icon falls off during the test, it means that part of the screen has a serious problem.

To check the dead point, you can access the keyword “Blackscreen test” on Youtube.

Speaker and mic


Listening is a basic function on a phone, so the speaker and microphone are two very important parts on an iPhone. To test them, you can open a song and turn the volume up to the highest level to see if there is a crackle. Next, you make a test call to someone to check if the mic and speakerphone are working properly.

Touch ID and FaceID

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 21-40-49

Enable the fingerprint or face security mode in the Settings (Settings) of the iPhone and try several times to verify that the functions are still working smoothly or not.

The battery


Checking the health of a battery also shows that the device has been used for too long. You go to Settings> Battery Health to see the actual battery capacity.

iPhone is network locked (iPhone Lock)


From iOS 14, Apple has added a feature to check the status of the network lock. Readers can access Settings > General > About > Vendor Lock. If the device shows “No SIM limit” then this is the international iPhone and not the carrier-locked version (iPhone Lock)

iCloud locked iPhone


If you almost certainly want to “down the money” for the old iPhone. Check to see if your iPhone is iCloud locked. By accessing Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. The device will now ask for the iCloud password, make sure the seller of your iPhone provides all the information you need. If they do not provide it, do not buy this device.

To test iPhones that have been activated by previous owners, you should insert your SIM to see if it works or not.


Above are very useful notes for those who want to spend money to buy used iPhones. Of course, it is not except for the sophisticated tricks of the seller by replacing the ‘fake’ accessories, the ‘like new’ outer shell to trick the buyer. For the safest, you should look to buy trusted used people like friends and relatives or go to reputable or genuine stores to be assured of quality.

TechZ wishes readers to buy a satisfactory iPhone.

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