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2021-03-24 13:58:24

MonokaiToolkit is a Facebook support toolkit with a lot of useful features on an application that users do not need to install many other supporting applications, such as checking who online Facebook even when they hide Facebook’s account, post Story Facebook is longer than the limit, protecting Facebook avatar … Currently MonokaiToolkit has an installed version on Android phones with useful features for using Facebook accounts. The following article will guide you to use the MonokaiToolkit application on your phone.

Features of MonokaiToolkit

MonokaiToolkit is a toolkit with a lot of special features and is very effective for Facebook users. The application has all 20 features, including:

  • Personal page analysis
  • Post a long Facebook Story
  • Download Facebook videos
  • Get a Facebook friend ID
  • See the top interactions on Facebook
  • Protect Facebook avatar
  • Set Facebook posts privacy
  • Delete all Facebook posts
  • Remove non-interactive Facebook friends
  • Delete all Facebook friends
  • Check Facebook friend request
  • Scans for liked pages
  • Scan groups to join
  • Scan comments
  • Drop custom Facebook emotions
  • Send instant messages
  • Push Facebook interactive post
  • Interact on Facebook fast
  • Comment bombed
  • Drop an emotional bomb

MonokaiToolkit manual

Step 1:

You download the MonokaiToolkit application for Android using the link below.

At the application interface you click Log in to create an account using the app. We will log into the application with Facebook account personal information.

Step 2:

After logging in with your Facebook account you can use all the features of the application.

Post a long Facebook Story

For example, with Facebook Story video posting feature longer than the specified time. This feature allows you to download videos available in your phone or use video posts to get video ID. Maximum limit for video is 1GB and 20 minutes. If the video is large, you should reduce the video quality to make the video download faster.

Post a Long Story

Check out many Messenger messengers

MonokaiToolkit application will immediately display which Messenger accounts or message you, including Facebook group.

Who messes with you on Facebook?

Filtering Facebook friends with little interaction

The application will filter non-interactive friends by choosing the number of articles per scan, limiting the number of posts. We can also add exclusion Facebook accounts that we don’t want to check. Click Download Data to conduct the analysis.

Automatically drop emotions into Facebook friends posts

We can choose the Facebook friend, the emoticon type for the app to automatically drop the icon on the post, with the number of posts on the friends’ profile selected by you.

Other features you follow as instructions. Note, due to the free version, there will be ads while in use.


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