How to turn off step counting feature on iPhone

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2021-03-24 05:15:18

If you have an Apple Health profile, the number of steps you take by day, week, and month is tracked and recorded specifically on your iPhone.

Overall, step counting is a pretty useful health tracking feature on the iPhone. However, if you don’t want your step count information recorded, you can prevent your device from collecting it in the first place. Here’s how to do it.

First, open the app Setting (Settings) on your iPhone by pressing the gray gear icon on the screen.

In the Settings menu, click “Privacy” (Privacy).

Click on

In the settings interface “Privacy“, Please click on”Motion & Fitness”(Movement and physics).

Click on

In the “Motion & Fitness“, You find the option”Health“(Health) in the list and turn off the switch to the right of it. (If you don’t have any other apps that use Motion & Fitness data, then “Health“Will be the only app listed on the list). This will prevent the Apple Health app from accessing your motion sensor data, leaving your device no longer able to record your step data.

Turn off Health

If you are not using any other application that requires Motion & Fitness data you can disable the option “Fitness Tracking“. When the “Fitness Tracking“Disabled, no apps will be able to access the motion sensor data on your iPhone.

How to delete step data on iPhone

To completely delete the step count recorded data on your iPhone, just follow the simple steps below.

First, open the app Health (Health). On page “Summary“, You find”Steps“And click on it.” Item Steps These may be in different places on your screen depending on whether or not you have used other Health features.

Click Steps

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the screen “Steps“And choose”Show All Data“.

Click on

You should now see a list of all data “Steps“is recorded on my iPhone from time to time. Click”Edit“In the upper right corner.


The editing screen will open. Here, you can delete data from certain dates if you want, and you can also delete all data at once. To do so, click on “Delete All”In the upper left corner of the screen.

Click on

Once you confirm, Health will delete all recorded step data. If you have disabled Health’s access to “Fitness Tracking“(see above), Health will no longer collect data, and your physical activity records are now in the trash.


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