How to download Call Dragon Online, download Call Dragon Online on your phone

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2021-03-29 00:11:37

Call Dragon Online, a game made perhaps for fans of 7 Dragon Balls. The gameplay of Call Rong Online is probably not much different from the current 2D scene games

In Call Dragon Online, you will have a full range of familiar characters representing planets such as Earth, Saiyan, and Namek. The characters in the game will interact with each other with PvE and PvP activities.

Players will be completely master of their characters in all activities that take place in Call Dragon Online such as boss hunting, leveling training, power upgrades … Especially the game is simulated close to the plot of 7 Balls Dragon when there is a full range of moves, transforms into other forms and the army of monsters are also simulated with the original story of the 7 Dragon Ball.

Heard the “cake roll”, right, the game is currently opening Alpha Test on Android and iOS. If you have not downloaded it yet, please download Call Rong Online now, see a few steps below that you can download Call Rong Online already.

How to download Call Dragon Online iOS, Call Dragon Online iPhone

Step 1: Download the TestFlight application if you do not have the link below, then select the download link Call Rong Online right below there> select Start Testing> Accept> Install and wait for the game to download.

When the game is finished downloading, you will see the game’s icon appear as shown below. Click on it to enter the game.

dragon ball apk

Notifications that allow Call Rong Online to track and allow games to turn on notifications are displayed. It’s up to you whether you allow the game to access or submit the app. Then click Next> Start Test.

dragon ball apk

And when the login interface displays into the game, you can use your Facebook account, Google account or the App Store account to log into the game. If you want to register your own account, please select the button Registration small on the bottom.

dragon ball apk

Download Call Dragon Online APK, Call Dragon Online Android

Link download Call Dragon Online APK

The file download Call Dragon Online APK below will be a ZIP file, when downloading, open the file and will require to install Call Dragon APK.

After installing the game, just go to the game and log in just like you did on iOS. The newly opened server may be a bit crowded and overloaded, so the time to create characters and log into the game will be a bit long or difficult.

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