How to disband Zalo group, delete group chat Zalo

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2021-03-30 05:02:52

Disbanding the Zalo group is to delete the group chat Zalo and only for the leader Zalo when you do not want the chat group to be active anymore. The formation of a group on Zalo will assist us in exchanging information among members, reminding members of the schedule on Zalo’s group. This makes the exchange process more convenient. And when this group chat Zalo is no longer active, it’s best to press delete the group. When group leader Zalo performs group deletion, the group will not be able to restore, all group members delete and cannot message or join the group anymore. The following article will guide you to read how to delete Zalo group.

Instructions to delete group chat Zalo on the phone

Step 1:

First, you access the group chat on Zalo want to delete the group and then click 3 dash icon to enter the chat group setup interface. Switch to interface Options, you click Settings item.

Step 2:

Continue in this interface you will scroll down to see option Dismiss the group. At this point you will receive a notification before proceeding to delete the chat group, with note that the Zalo group cannot be restored. If you agree to delete, we click on the Delete button.

How to disband Zalo group on PC

Step 1:

At the Zalo interface on the computer, we click Business card icon then choose Team list. Now display many Zalo groups that you have created, select the group that you are the leader of and click select the group

Chat group list

Step 2:

In the group view you click Zalo group photo, then click next Group management.

Zalo group management

Continue you look to the right will see a list of settings and options for group chat, you scroll down to the bottom Click Disband Group.

Delete group chat Zalo

Step 3:

You will now see a message if you want to delete the group or not. We Click Disband Group again to confirm deletion of the group chat Zalo.

Agree to delete the group


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