How to connect a wireless mouse to a computer

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2021-03-25 13:08:13

In some cases when you are using a laptop, especially playing games or performing difficult tasks, the trackpad will not be able to handle it all. Or in case you need more flexibility and space than a wired mouse when using a desktop computer.

The best option you have in these situations is to connect your mouse wirelessly to your computer.

Fortunately connecting a wireless mouse to a Mac or Windows computer is easy thanks to Bluetooth technology.

That’s why both Mac and PC users rarely want to use the trackpad regularly and always carry a wireless mouse with them.

How to connect a wireless mouse to a Mac

1. Turn on pairing mode on the mouse if it is not already enabled. Normally there will be a green light or a blinking light indicating it is ready to connect.

2. Open the app System Preferences on Mac (silver cog icon).

3. Select Bluetooth from the list of options.

Select Bluetooth from System Preferences

4. You will see the mouse appear under the category Devices. Choose Connect.

Click Connect to connect
Click Connect to connect

5. Connected state “Connected” appears under the device’s name to let the user know that your Bluetooth mouse is connected to your Mac and ready to use.

Displayed connected
Displayed connected

How to connect a wireless mouse to a PC

1. Make sure your mouse is connected. Follow the mouse instructions if you are unsure how to proceed.

2. Turn on Bluetooth on PC by turning the on button in section Bluetooth & other devices of the Settings.

Turn on Bluetooth on your computer
Turn on Bluetooth on your computer

3. Return to the menu Settings and choose Devices.

Select Devices
Select Devices

4. Press Add Bluetooth or other devices.

5. Next, select Bluetooth.

Select Bluetooth under Add a device
Select Bluetooth under Add a device

6. In the page Add a deviceYou will see a list of connected wireless mice. Select the mouse and it will automatically connect.

Select a paired device
Select a paired device

Wait a moment the computer will let you know the device is ready for use.


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