How to change texting text style on Viber

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2021-03-27 01:12:26

Viber has updated the writing feature to create style including underline, bold or italic so people can create attention for their messages. Typing text messages is not strange when you could previously write bold, italic, underline text on Zalo or chat style text on Messenger. This text styling feature comes in handy when we want to emphasize a certain message to our friends. The following article will guide you how to write styled text on Viber.

Instructions to write styled messages on Viber

Step 1:

At the Viber messaging interface on your PC, enter the message as usual. Then we do Highlight the message you want to style then press right mouse button.

Step 2:

At this point you will see a menu display with a lot of different options, including options to write artistic text for Viber messages including bold, strikethrough, italic and monospace. For example, you click on the bold font format.

Text format

Immediately the message is converted to bold text as shown below, click send to send the message as usual.

Type of bold message

Message results will appear darker than regular messages.

Bold message on Viber

Step 3:

We can use formats at the same time for messages on Viber. You write each message and apply the format for each message as usual, right-click and choose the format you want.

Use a variety of typefaces

In addition to the familiar formatting styles, you can try adding a single typeface on Viber as shown below.

Single style


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