How to change magnetic card to Vietcombank chip card

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2021-03-26 17:51:07

Vietcombank has supported customers to convert magnetic cards to EMV chip cards in accordance with the State Bank’s regulations. The use of chip cards will increase the security of customer transactions more than magnetic cards. The transaction process on chip cards will require more authentication steps, thereby limiting data theft, bank account information. During this period, the conversion to chip cards is waived by banks. The following article will provide detailed information to you about the procedure for transferring magnetic card to Vietcombank chip card.

Instruction to change ATM card with Vietcombank chip

Currently, old customers who are using a domestic ATM card without a chip, if wishing to change to a chip card, go to the nearest Vietcombank Branch / Transaction Office for free support. If the card is renewed or renewed, the issuance fee will be applied according to the current fee schedule of VND 50,000.

Step 1:

First of all, you need to go to a bank account or transaction office of Vietcombank. When going with your old ATM card and ID / CCCD.

Step 2:

When you arrive at the bank you inform the employee that you want to change to a chip card to receive the bank’s form. We need to fill out the information as on the form. Then give this form to the bank officer.

Step 3:

Bank staff will ask you to bring back the old ATM card with ID / CCCD to confirm customer information. Then the bank will receive the application and schedule an appointment with you to receive the Vietcombank chip card.

When you receive the Vietcombank chip card, you can ask the staff how to activate the card.


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