How to allow everyone to share screen during a Zoom meeting

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2021-03-25 11:05:00

Screen sharing is an important part of Zoom video calls and video conferencing. For example, if you are organizing a meeting, allowing others to join the meeting to share their screen in Zoom is also a necessity. So how do you enable this feature?

Allow everyone to share screen during the meeting on Zoom

First, it should be noted that only the meeting organizer has the right to allow participants to share screens about the meeting. Therefore, the prerequisite here is that you have to be the creator and start the meeting.

Next, if you are using the Microsoft Team application on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, click the button “Security“, Then select the option”Share Screen“.

On iPhone, iPad, and Android, you’ll need to press the three-dot menu button.

Click the three-dot menu button

Then, click on “Security“.

Click on

And now, you can turn on the “Share Screen“.

Turn on the

That’s all you have to do. Everyone participating in your video meeting can now share their screen.

Allows multiple people to share the meeting screen at the same time

Allowing multiple people in a meeting Zoom to share their screen at the same time is a simple yet useful feature. To enable this feature, of course, you are still in charge of the ongoing video meeting, and at the same time you must be using the Microsoft Team client on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Click the small arrow next to the “Share Screen” green.

Click the little arrow next to the

From the pop-up menu, click on the option “Multiple Participants Can Share Simultaneously“.

Click on the option “Multiple Participants Can Share Simultaneously”

It’s all that simple. Everyone in the meeting can now share their screen or use Whiteboard at the same time.

Zoom can be a little overwhelming with its rich feature set, but these are the factors that can really improve the quality of your meeting and work as well.


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