Hot car news July 31: Toyota Corolla Cross horizontal price car causes fever thanks to ‘top notch’ design and equipment

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2022-07-31 13:40:45

Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 horizontal price car model explodes in sales thanks to ‘top notch’ design and equipment

After only one month of opening for sale, the Chinese electric car model BYD Seal 2022 has recorded extremely impressive sales in the domestic market. According to information from the automaker, the sales of BYD Seal 2022 have reached 110,000 vehicles in just 1 month, nearly double the 1-year output that the automaker has set. This is an extremely impressive number for an electric car “rookie” and also proves the great attraction of BYD Seal 2022 in this market.

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The price of the Yamaha Jupiter Finn is unbelievable at the beginning of the month, even the Honda Wave Alpha must be surprised

Contrary to many models of motorcycles that are discounted in the “soul” month, the price of Yamaha Jupiter Finn has suddenly increased sharply in recent days. The Yamaha Jupiter Finn digital model is currently priced from 33.5 to 34 million VND depending on the version, twice as expensive as the Honda Wave Alpha.

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Honda launched a beautiful new ‘digital car war god’, the price makes the Honda Wave Alpha 2022 ‘stunned’

Recently, at the Makina Moto Show 2022 auto and motorcycle exhibition, the new generation Honda Wave RSX 2023 model number was officially revealed. Honda Wave RSX 2023 will be first distributed in the Philippines with a starting price of 61,900 pesos (equivalent to 26 million VND).

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‘Rookie’ overwhelms Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 about to open for sale in Vietnam: Cheaper price, overflowing equipment

The sales race in the B-segment SUV segment in the Vietnamese market is now becoming more intense than ever with the two names Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 and Kia Seltos. However, in the near future, this segment will have 2 new “rookies” with a series of advantages that promise to make it difficult for competitors, which are Nissan Kicks 2022 and Chery Omoda 5.

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The Honda Vision 2020 is for sale for only 20 million, as cheap as the new Wave Alpha at the dealer

Recently, on, there was a post for sale Honda Vision scooter model at unbelievable cheap price. Accordingly, this is an old white car model registered in 2020, ODO level about 6,000 km, original car and full papers.

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