Hopr Protocol (HOPR) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Details about the HOPR virtual currency

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2021-03-22 20:31:19

Hopr Protocol (HOPR) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

Hopr Protocol is a data security project that aims to secure users’ data and information. Or the pioneer to protect Web3 data privacy.

It is based on blockchain technology and does a value exchange through the HOPR token.

People increasingly depend on the Internet, so a lack of privacy is one of the biggest dangers. But what if every interaction on the network is encrypted? The only other parties that could access the data were the people Hopr sent to.

Hopr’s Idea is based on that. Unlike a VPN, there is no company that guarantees the security and privacy of Hopr. Instead, a user-managed, peer-to-peer, independent network. Therefore, not affected by individuals or organizations.

What’s special about Hopr Protocol?

HOPR aims to provide a truly private internet experience by using a number of different means. All are blockchain based. So let’s see what features of the project make this special:


These are some of the routing protocols that make it difficult to keep track of data exchanged over the internet. Structures use a proxy server to mix data and messages from different sources and mix them together.

The scrambled data is then distributed individually to their source. The problem is to break the direct link between sender and receiver so that data and messages are difficult to track.

Cover traffic

Cover traffic or traffic is random data sent over the mixnet. These data have no intrinsic value. But there is the function of adding more traffic in the mixnet. The more data in the mixnet, the more efficient it is and the more difficult it is to keep track of each packet of data.

When in the low-traffic mixnet, other users are encouraged by the HOPR token to send any packets of data into the mixnet.

Cover traffic provides an effective anonymity feature that makes it difficult, almost impossible, to link the metadata with its sender.

What is HOPR Token?

HOPR is governance token linking all aspects of the HOPR protocol together. It is a medium of exchange and is used to encourage users to perform operations on the node.

Basic information

Ticker HOPR
Blockchain Ethereum
Contract 0xf5581dfefd8fb0e4aec526be659cfab1f8c781da
Token Standard Governance
Token type ERC-20
Max Supply 1,000,000,000 HOPR
Initial circulating supply 130,000,000 HOPR

Token allocation

  • Public Distribution: 8.5%
  • Cover Traffic: 25%
  • Bounties: 6%
  • Pre-sale: 16.5%
  • Team & Advisors: 18.5%
  • Treasury: 25.5%

hopr allocation

Schedule to issue HOPR copper

Starting with an initial circulating supply of 130 million, HOPR tokens will be issued over a 5 year period. A quarter of all HOPR is only available to stakes as a reward for traffic relaying.

release schedule

HOPR Token Sale

HOPR Token Launch takes place in 3 phases as shown below. Details you see here.

Pre-Sale: More than 3000 participating accounts, most with a maximum limit of 800 xDAI in exchange for 16,000 HOPR tokens per account (token price of $ 0.05). Pre-sale ended on February 24, 2021 and earned $ 2.4 million.

hopr token sale

What is HOPR used for?

HOPR token has three main functions: Pay, Stake, Vote. Summarized as follows:

  • Pay: Spend HOPR tokens to send data over the HOPR network with complete data and metadata security.
  • Stake: Lock the HOPR token in your node to relay user data and include traffic. The more you stake, the more data you can relay and the more money you can make.
  • Vote: Any HOPR token holder will be able to vote for proposals that affect the HOPR network, including HOPR fees and other specs, etc.

On which exchange is HOPR traded?

Currently you can buy HOPR at MXC or buy on Uniswap offline.

Safe HOPR copper wallet

It is quite easy to find a suitable wallet for example: Trustwallet, Ledger Nano X, MyEtherWallet, Coin98 Wallet, MetaMask.. Or you can store it directly on the floor where you bought that token. Remember to turn on full security.

Potential Assessment of Hopr Protocol (HOPR)

Hopr Protocol Team

Dr. Sebastian Burgel, a technology entrepreneur heavily involved in the blockchain industry in Switzerland, founded HOPR. He is also the Co-founder and CTO for Validity Labs and Sonect.

Other team members are highly skilled. Concerns are common about a lack of privacy and security in online activities. Therefore, Burgel decided to utilize blockchain technology to build a secure and decentralized private network.


Binance Labs was leading the $ 1 million seed round in HOPR. Also received funding from Focus Labs, Spark Digital Capital, Caballeros Capital and Synaitken.

The seed round follows a scholarship award the startup received in 2019 from BinanceX, the exchange’s early stage developer platform.



  • Hopr and Elrond: Elrond’s tools like wallets, Validator nodes management and payment interface will have additional security options. These additional features will be added on top of the original encryption and data encryption used in Elrond’s existing protocol and tools, to provide comprehensive privacy to participants.
  • ….

partner hopr

Hopr vs. VPN

A VPN protects you from website operators that collect data by hiding your identity behind their VPN servers. Such is establishing itself as another data center honeypot regularly leaking the entire browsing history.

On the other hand, the HOPR network leverages blockchain technology to provide a decentralized and self-sustaining system. HOPR will be managed by its users, who will remain anonymous and not trackable.


  • November 2019, Idea: The founders of HOPR developed a decentralized approach to the pressing issue of metadata privacy. HOPR is born!
  • April 2020, Funding and Launch: HOPR officially launched. End the seed round of $ 1 million led by Binance. The HOPR Association (association) was established.
  • July 2020, HOPR Hardware Node: HOPR Node PC launch, allowing users to run a dedicated HOPR device from their home.
  • November 2020, Testing & Community: A series of ncentivized and gamified testnets testnet has grown the community and network to 2000 nodes.
  • 1st quarter of 2021, Jungfrau Release, Eiger Release: HOPR Jungfrau is the first fully functional version of the nodeHOPR & HOPR token. Eiger introduced traffic coverage, making the protocol feature complete.
  • Quarter 2, 2021, Launch HOPR DAO, Launch eco: The decentralized community focus allows governance to be strengthened by the project-wide launch of HOPR DAO. A powerful API that allows others to build dApps and metadata security services on top of the HOPR protocol.
  • Q4, 2021: Token-based Voting: All HOPR token holders will be eligible to vote in the first General Assembly of the HOPR Association.

Should you invest in HOPR copper?

Internet is used to everyone’s life. All information and data about people can be taken away by malicious parties. The reality is so. With the HOPR infrastructure, the project can hopefully become part of our own privacy network.

Please consult with me to have a right investment decision. Thanks!

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