Honda suddenly opened for sale a new motorcycle model with the same price as Wave Alpha Viet, coming to the dealer in limited quantities

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2022-08-05 01:59:42

(CHK) Although ‘shared wheels’ with Honda Vision, Honda’s new model is priced at only 20 million VND – as cheap as Honda Wave Alpha in Vietnam. This model is now available at the dealer with an eye-catching appearance.

Recently, Honda has launched the Sports version of the Honda Dio 2022 model in the Indian market. Just a few days after the launch, Honda Dio Sports 2022 was available at the dealer for only 20 million VND – the same price as Honda Wave Alpha Vietnam. However, unfortunately, Honda Dio Sports 2022 is only sold in limited quantities and for a certain time.

Honda Dio Sports 2022 launched in India

Honda Dio Sports 2022 is offered with 2 color options, including metallic silver and sporty red. In addition, Honda Dio Sports 2022 also has a new sports and personality stamp. In addition to the above changes, Honda Dio Sports 2022 retains the same design and detailed dimensions as other current versions.

Honda Dio Sports 2022 on dealers with the same price as Honda Wave Alpha

In this Sports version, Honda Dio 2022 also adds a telescopic front shock absorber and an external fuel tank cap. Meanwhile, the rear suspension on Honda Dio Sports 2022 can be adjusted in 3 levels, combined with CBS combined braking system.

Honda Dio Sports 2022 possesses many modern equipment and features

Other notable equipment on Honda Dio Sports 2022 also has alloy wheels, LED lighting system or instrument cluster that helps provide important information such as distance, fuel consumption or speed. of the vehicle. Honda Dio Sports 2022 is also equipped with a modern USB charging port.

Instrument cluster on Honda Dio Sports 2022

The power of Honda Dio Sports 2022 comes from the eSP engine block, 110cc capacity, combined with electronic fuel injection system. With this engine block, Honda Dio Sports 2022 meets the maximum travel needs in the inner city and has impressive fuel capacity.

Honda Dio Sports 2022 is sold in limited quantities

With a price as cheap as Honda Wave Alpha, surely Honda Dio Sports 2022 will become an attractive name in India in the near future. Honda models that “share wheels” with Honda Dio 2022 can be mentioned as Honda Vision, Japanese Honda Dio or Honda BeAT.

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