[Giải Đáp] Should I Squeeze iPhone Glass Or Not?

[Giải Đáp] Should I Squeeze iPhone Glass Or Not?

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2022-08-02 19:48:40

iPhone is a brand known for its quality and luxurious design. Therefore, many customers are often worried that pressing iPhone glass will affect the operation of the device. So what is iPhone glass? Should the iPhone glass be pressed when the screen is broken or not? Let’s find out together.

I. What is the definition of iPhone tempered glass?

iPhone screen laminated glass is a method of squeezing and replacing the iPhone screen glass when the screen only has problems outside the glass without affecting the touch layer.

When the screen is broken, instead of costly replacement of the entire screen, now you just need to separate the broken glass and laminate a new layer of glass.

II. When should you replace the glass on your iPhone?

When the iPhone is dropped, bumped or has a strong impact, the screen glass is cracked or broken. However, touch and display operations can still be used normally. At that time, you should replace, laminate the iPhone screen to save money compared to replacing the whole new screen.

III. Should iPhone glass be pressed or not?

Many customers when coming to Thanh Trang Mobile often wonder what effect squeezing iPhone glass has and should they press iPhone glass or not?

Tempered iPhone glass does not affect the function of the device at all. Because the screen is designed with 3 separate layers: glass, glue and touch screen. Therefore, even if the glass is broken but the touch screen still works properly, you just need to laminate the new glass for the phone.

IV. Note when pressing iPhone glass

1. Before squeezing iPhone glass

Currently, there are many phone repair centers. However, not all centers are of good quality. Many stores are still using old technology and machines. So, before pressing iPhone glass, you should choose reputable places like Thanh Trang Mobile – Genuine phone repair shop in Ho Chi Minh City.

Absolutely do not use low-quality components, floating on the market to avoid “money loss”. Because components of unknown origin not only seriously affect your phone, but also have a high probability of causing fire and explosion.

In addition, you should also find out the price on the market through acquaintances, social networks or people who have used the service. From there, you can choose a quality center at an affordable price.

2. After pressing iPhone glass

  • After pressing the glass, you should fix the two machine heads for about 60 minutes and do not put them in your pants or shirt pocket to avoid collision.
  • Use toughened stickers and cases to protect the device from incidents such as drops, bumps.
  • In the first 3 days after squeezing the glass, it should not be bumped or stuck with dirt, it will help your phone more beautiful.

V. Address of prestigious quality iPhone glass pressing in Ho Chi Minh City

Thanh Trang Mobile is the leading prestigious and professional phone repair system in the city. Ho Chi Minh City.

1. The repair process is transparent

At Thanh Trang Mobile, you will be signed on components to increase trust. Absolutely no boiling, swapping of components. In addition, the repair process will always be public so you can easily follow the process.

2. Quality genuine components – quality warranty

Components used at Thanh Trang Mobile are always genuine. Therefore, the product always has clear information and full origin. Besides, Thanh Trang Mobile now has an attractive warranty policy when something goes wrong.

3. Prices are clearly listed

Repair prices at Thanh Trang Mobile are always publicly displayed so that customers can easily compare. Absolutely no pricing status here.

Moreover, staff at Thanh Trang Mobile are all well-trained. As a result, with any problem, we always try to offer an effective solution with a price that fits the customer’s pocket.

4. Highly skilled technical team

With a team of highly specialized technicians, with many years of experience in the field of replacing and repairing electronic components, besides, you are enthusiastically consulted with our staff.

5. Advanced repair equipment

We are proud to be a large center with modern advanced repair facilities to meet any customer’s needs.

Above is information about iPhone screen laminated glass. Hopefully with the above sharing, readers have gained more useful knowledge to save costs when repairing iPhone screens. If you have any questions, you can contact us through the ways below.

Thanh Trang Mobile – Specializes in Repairing Mobile Phones and Laptops in Ho Chi Minh City


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Phone: (08) 1900-8879

Website: https://thanhtrangmobile.com

Tax code: 0316262474

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