GenZ and Millennials’ perspective on financial initiative

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2022-08-04 20:09:03

In a recent conversation, Miss Luong Thuy Linh and VJ Thuy Minh – two dynamic representatives of GenZ and Millennials expressed many personal views and perspectives on trends that help people take initiative in finance. . The interesting point in this conversation is that although they belong to two different generations, Miss Thuy Link and VJ Thuy Minh have many similarities in thinking and agree with the 3 financial trends below.

#first. Use technology applications to make life more convenient

Digitization is not only a trend but has become a new way of life, especially after covid-19 this lifestyle becomes more popular among all ages, not just young people like in-app purchases. , order food on the app, order a technology car, pay cashless. From retail sellers, shippers, students to business owners, office workers, all tend to use technology applications in everyday common payment transactions instead of paying by credit card. cash.

Miss Luong Thuy Linh – a talented and dynamic GenZ said, digitization makes her life much more convenient and easier. Previously, when going to Miss World contest, Linh had to bring a card with a certain amount of cash. But now it’s been a long time since there’s a feeling of carrying a lot of cash around with all financial transaction needs handled on a mobile phone. Thuy Linh is using the digital banking application MyVIB 2.0 of the International Bank (VIB) through the introduction of a friend. As a person who often uses voice features, so mobile phones like Siri application on iPhone, so when using AI Voice Banking voice money transfer feature on MyVIB 2.0, she feels extremely convenient and similar. with your daily routine. As a user of MyVIB 1.0 before, another thing that impressed Thuy Linh was that MyVIB 2.0 interface was more streamlined, easier to use and very user-friendly.

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With VJ Thuy Minh, the AI ​​Voice Banking feature is really a lifesaver, sometimes when going to the supermarket or shopping, “carrying” a lot of things, just reading the command can make payment. . The voice transaction feature also helps Thuy Minh easily manage, open / lock cards, recharge phones quickly. Both Thuy Minh and Thuy Linh agree that, the AI ​​Voice Banking feature makes users feel that MyVIB 2.0 is really like a friend, their effective assistant in any situation, not just simply. is a dry banking app.

#2. Experience trendy finance with digital banking integrated with new technology

The shift from cash payment to online payment has become a trend, along with changes in the experience of spending money. Although not a connoisseur of technology, Thuy Linh also loves to use new technology applications to serve life. After a period of using MyVIB 2.0, Thuy Linh realized that it was fully integrated with useful features for her personally such as: payment reminder, money transfer by QR code, but the point that impressed her the most was the application. Using augmented reality technology for the first time on a banking app in Vietnam. AR technology provides a very interesting virtual and real experience and also helps to find deals around. Instead of having to “hunt for sale” everywhere, now just open MyVIB 2.0 and scan AR to have enough information about good shops and deals near home.

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Thuy Minh feels like she has found a “treasure” because just opening the app can scan the area near her house, what are the utilities, where are the discounts, where there are ATMs, bank branches …. She thinks that the AR experience on MyVIB 2.0 really feels very trendy and interesting.

#3. Take advantage of available offers to build a financially savvy lifestyle

According to Thuy Minh’s share, so far, she has been a person who usually only uses the offers directly given to her and does not have the habit of looking for information about good deals and good prices. Since using MyVIB 2.0 and connecting with friends around, she tends to actively search and share information about offers and discounts when dining or shopping to optimize each of her expenses. let go.

Thuy Linh said that instead of the fear of Fomo (fear of missing out), trying to run after investment when I don’t have enough knowledge, saving is something that I can do today to accumulate for the future. future. Since then, her shopping and spending behavior has also changed a lot. It’s not about being frugal for your own practical needs, but taking advantage of available incentives to save. Thuy Linh shared that every time she goes out to eat with friends at a familiar restaurant, she actively searches for offers on MyVIB 2.0. With each bill of 1 – 2 million, when applying a discount of up to 20 – 30%, you can save a small amount of money. Many times it is possible to save a considerable amount of money to invest in other useful things. Taking advantage of available offers is not just a savings story, it is a smart financial lifestyle.

MyVIB 2.0 is VIB’s newly launched digital banking application with technologies that first appeared on the digital banking application in Vietnam. By investing and applying many new technologies in MyVIB 2.0, VIB wishes to bring users a unique experience beyond a normal digital bank. When downloading and registering to use MyVIB 2.0, users will enjoy a full set of attractive incentives: Free to open a beautiful Digitized account; Free money transfer 24/7; Free annual fee for the first year up to 1,300,000 VND & bonus 200,000 VND in cash/liter of petrol/ bonus miles when opening a credit card; Free issue of Mastercard iCard payment card. Download the app now to experience.

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