Founder of Arbitrum “opens” the possibility of using Zero-Knowledge technology

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2022-07-30 01:17:46

Over the last night, Arbitrum has made notable updates to the Nitro version rollout. At the same time, a notable detail is the tweet explaining founder Steven Goldfeder about the current product.

Founder of Arbitrum “opens” the possibility of using Zero-Knowledge technology

Update from Arbitrum

At dawn this morning (July 29), Arbitrum announced that it had successfully migrated the Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet to the Nitro version.

According to the team, the official process of deploying Nitro on the mainnet will take place in the “next few weeks”. Nitro is considered an upgraded version for the current Arbitrum One, a platform that is too prone to congestion before the “invasion” of a powerful army of bots.

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The upcoming version of Nitro will say goodbye to AVM (a virtual machine system built by Arbitrum) and move towards the WASM model.

Shares from the founders

Steven Goldfeder (founder of Offchains Labs – the unit behind the development of Arbitrum) also had a series of tweets sharing about this milestone.

He said that Arbitrum’s initial orientation has always been to develop around the destination, the original problem, instead of putting too much emphasis on tools and solutions.

“All of these technologies are great. But over the past 4 years, most of the Optimism Rollup teams have adopted a proactive authentication solution. AVM is a smart solution, it helps Arbitrum operate smoothly from the beginning to the present time. But with Nitro, we will completely eliminate the AVM. AVM is great, but Nitro will be even better.”

Sharing his expertise in security, Steven said that many people around him were surprised when he chose Optimistic Rollup technology for Arbitrum instead of zk (Zero-Knowledge security technology).

When asked about zk, the Offchains Labs founder said “to us, zk is not a technology that can scale in the future.”

However, re-emphasizing the issue of “focusing on the original goal”, Steven said:

“A lot of zk teams are thriving, but we’re in a phase where ZK needs a lot of improvement to catch up with OR. Does Arbitrum apply zk’s authentication technology? If it is necessary in the future, we will certainly do it, exactly the same way we did when we abandoned AVM.”

The “Scaling Wars” to scale up for Ethereum is going very unpredictably, as many projects continuously announce their product roadmaps. After “The Merge”, Layer-2 solutions are expected to be a remarkable keyword in the near future.

Synthetic CHK

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