Former Monero (XMR) developer freed after being extradited to South Africa

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2022-07-19 12:35:49

The troubling legal case that rocked the crypto community by former Monero (XMR) core developer Riccardo Spagni has finally come to an end.

Former Monero (XMR) developer freed after being extradited to South Africa

A Court Judge in the South African city of Cape Town recently released Riccardo Spagni, accused of fraud. The judge’s decision for Spagni came just days after he was detained by South African authorities shortly after landing at OR Tambo International Airport.

As was CHK As previously reported, Spagni was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee on July 7, 2021 by US authorities in connection with acts of fraud and forgery between 2009 and 2011 at a company called Cape Cookies. Since then, Spagni has remained in US custody pending the completion of the extradition process.

Initially, Spagni was said to have resisted attempts to extradite him to South Africa. However, on June 30, 2022, a petition for the extradition of Spagni was finally made by a US judge, Ms. Alistair E. Newbern. The statement from the Judge then paved the way for the former Monero developer’s transfer from the US to South Africa on July 11.

However, there have been reports that before Spagni’s release verdict was announced on July 15, a group of prosecutors argued against releasing the Monero developer from custody. household while awaiting trial.

An investigative officer named Steven Pritchard explained that Spagni was not a suitable candidate for bail because he had refused to participate in many court cases in the US due to COVID-19 infection.

“Then I searched the internet and discovered Spagni attended a crowded Bitcoin conference in Miami with celebrities including Paris Hilton from June 4 to June 5, 2021. This is in a photo and he’s not wearing a mask.”

Responding to the prosecution’s argument, Spagni asserted in his own affidavit that he was not accused of failing to appear at scheduled hearings. The former Monero developer confirmed that the reason for this issue stems from the fact that he personally initially wanted to fight extradition, but later changed his mind to voluntarily return to South Africa.

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