Forbes: 80% of the population will use Bitcoin

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2022-07-30 19:51:43

A report from Blockware Solution says that by the end of this decade, Bitcoin will reach 10% of the population and up to 80% by 2050.

BTC is forecasted to be mass-adopted by 2050

According to American media giant – Forbes, Bitcoin will reach 80% of the global population by 2050

This quote from Recent research by Blockware Solutionswhich examines historical adoption trends for a number of revolutionary technologies, such as automobiles, radios, the Internet, smartphones, and others.

* Blockware Solutions is the industry leader in blockchain infrastructure and cryptocurrency mining in North America

Specifically, research shows that adoption rates of these technologies vary, but in all cases after reaching 10% of the population, growth becomes parabolic.

Furthermore, Blockware predicts that Bitcoin adoption globally will surpass 10% of the population by 2030 and then its growth rate could become parabola, to reach 80% of the population in the next 20 years. Therefore, it is possible that after 2050, 4 out of 5 people in the world will use Bitcoin.

All of this is subject to the fact that to date BTC has never been used on a large scale as a means of payment.

Bitcoin Futures Forecast Chart
Bitcoin Futures Forecast Chart

However, for Bitcoin to be used by the general public, it must be used as a type of monetary transaction, i.e. a currency for payment. Instead, BTC has so far mainly proven to be a hedge against central bank monetary expansion policies, especially for those who store fiat.

In other words, BTC doesn’t need to become an on-demand currency for it to be accepted by the general public, but BTC is enough for fiat savings holders to use to hedge against currency devaluation. , in the context of the central bank’s expansion of monetary policies.

In fact, the Blockware Solutions report does not refer to the use of a means of payment as a necessary step for Bitcoin to be widely accepted, but only measures the rate at which it spreads among the population, of any kind. which use.

Blockware Solutions argues that one of Bitcoin’s strongest attractions is its “ideological flexibility”. Because Bitcoin can be used as a development hedge, a digital payment system, a decentralized payment system and an unchanging, censorship-resistant asset.

Will the value of Bitcoin follow the “acceptance curve”?

Will Bitcoin's Value Follow an Acceptance Curve?
Will Bitcoin’s value follow an “acceptance curve”?

According to this report, Bitcoin adoption will reach saturation faster than many previous technologies, thanks to direct monetary incentives for adoption and the dizzying age of disinformation on the internet. Internet.

Currently, on-chain data shows that Bitcoin is still in the “slow phase” of the curve. Therefore, an initial acceleration in the current decade to 2030 is expected, followed by a strong acceleration to 2050.

The people behind this Blockware Solutions report say that their content is not intended as short-term advice, but rather as a conceptual guide to long-term Bitcoin investors.

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