Finally, MechaGodzilla also shows up in the latest trailer of Godzilla vs. Godzilla. Kong

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2021-03-24 15:07:05

Blockbuster Godzilla vs. Blockbuster Kong will officially “explode” on the upcoming March 26 in many theaters around the world as well as on the HBO Max platform. Recently, on its official Weibo, Warner Bros. has released the final trailer for this movie, revealing the appearance of the monster that fans have been guessing for months: MechaGodzilla.

[Vietsub] MechaGodzilla officially appeared in the latest Godzilla vs. trailer. Kong.

Thus, up to the present time can temporarily confirm the fan theory that the fans have set for this movie is completely correct: The underground force behind the battle between Godzilla and Kong is MechaGodzilla, played by Ren Serizawa. fabrication and control. However, the character’s ultimate goal has yet to be revealed, and an official answer will be given on the day of Godzilla vs. God. Kong premiere.

In fact, the appearance of MechaGodzilla is not too surprising, especially for the tough fans of MonsterVerse. Since releasing the first trailer in mid-January, both Warner Bros. and Legendary Studios are constantly teasing about this giant robot beast. From the images that are quickly hidden in the teaser series, to the toys, accessories, and gifts, have “spoiled” one of the biggest surprises of the movie.

Although MechaGodzilla was revealed, but its purpose and role in this film is still unknown.

Besides MechaGodzilla, the new trailer also brings many images of Hollow Earth, where there may be many other Titan species inhabiting. This is also the site where a fierce battle took place in history, when giant monsters clashed with each other to see who deserves the highest power in the monster world. According to what has been revealed through this new loat teaser and trailer, Kong will come to Hollow Earth to learn more about the mysterious legends, and it is likely that this is also where the giant chimpanzee is found / crafted. Create his ax to confront Godzilla.

In addition, the trailer also shows that Monarch wants to help Kong find a new home by “passing through the gate in Antarctica”. The image of the chimpanzee lying neatly in a net and escorted by a plane through a cold land shows that Skull Island has been destroyed or suffered a natural disaster, making it unable to continue living. there it is too. To ensure that Kong obediently obeyed, Monarch brought little Jia with her, as this was the only person who could communicate with Kong and calm him down.

Finally, MechaGodzilla also shows up in the latest trailer of Godzilla vs. Godzilla.  Kong - Photo 3.

Empty Earth also appears more in the latest Godzilla vs. trailer trailer. Kong, promises this movie will mention more of the mythology of the monster universe.

Kong’s journey was blocked by Godzilla in the middle of the sea, thereby leading to a death war between these two monsters. According to all that has been revealed, they will fight in many different battlefields, from aircraft carriers, under the ocean, by the coast near the harbor, and finally in the bustling city. Both have had “on the ground” moments in the previous teaser series, promising a very tense, fierce battle and it is unknown who will have the joy of victory.

Godzilla vs. Kong will officially open in theaters in Vietnam on March 26 here.

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