Entering the “soul” month, the price of Honda Vision 2021 car suddenly decreased by 20 million VND at the dealer

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2022-08-04 13:57:48

(CHK) Just entered the “soul” month, the price of Honda Vision 2021 car suddenly dropped sharply by 20 million VND at the dealer. This is indeed a golden time for Vietnamese customers to buy ‘mini Honda SH’ at a bargain price.

According to the Vietnamese concept, the 7th lunar month, also known as the “she soul” month, is the time not to buy cars. Therefore, although it has just entered the “soul” month, the selling price of many motorcycle models suddenly plummeted, down by tens of millions of dong compared to the previous month.

Honda Vision 2021 cools down, drastically reduces prices in the “soul” month

One of the most heavily discounted motorbike models in this lunar July is the Honda Vision 2021 model. This has made many Vietnamese customers happy because after a series of days of pricing, price increases, the final price of the Honda Vision 2021 car. also cooled down during this time.

The price of Honda Vision 2021 car suddenly decreased by up to 20 million VND in the 7th lunar month

According to a survey at many dealers in the Hanoi area, Honda Vision 2021 is no longer as scarce as before. Most dealers now have a full range of versions, including standard, deluxe, special and individual versions with full color. According to a dealer in Ba Dinh district (Hanoi), the abundant number of cars plus the limited mentality of buying a car in the “soul” month, the price of Honda Vision 2021 is currently decreasing from 15 to 20 million VND (depending on each model). each agent’s own version and policies).

Honda Vision 2021 is as hot as the high-end scooter model Honda SH

As a result, the price of Honda Vision 2021 is currently at VND 40 million for the standard version, VND 41 million for the high-end version, VND 44 – 45 million for the special version and the highest is VND 45 – 46 million. for personality. Currently, the dealer is also confident that there are enough cars to deliver to customers.

This is a good sign for those who are intending to buy a Honda Vision 2021. Before that, the model dubbed the “little Honda SH” was overpriced, shouting at a price of more than 60 million VND – equally expensive. Honda SH Mode makes Vietnamese customers bored. However, with the new price in July, Honda Vision 2021 will certainly continue to attract customers in the near future.

Honda Vision 2021 is considered the king of sales in the Vietnamese motorcycle market

If Honda SH is at the top in the high-end scooter segment, then Honda Vision 2021 is the “sales king” of the small scooter segment. It is estimated that from the beginning of 2022 until now, for every 100 motorbikes sold to the Vietnamese market, there will be 19 Honda Vision units. This proves the great attraction of the Honda Vision 2021 model.

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