Elrond Apes is the first NFT project to cooperate with Iteum

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2022-07-21 00:41:41

Iteum excited to welcome Elrond Apes to its growing network of Web3 partners.

Elrond Apes is the first NFT project to cooperate with Iteum

Within the framework of cooperation, Elrond Apes will adopt Iteum’s proprietary passport technology, allowing users to own and trade their data. The project will also use Iteum’s innovative Discord adapters to understand overall community engagement.

Elrond Apes is the first NFT project to join hands with Iteum in an effort to empower data through NFT. Now, NFT owners, community members, players… can make useful use of personal data.

In the first phase, Elrond Apes will integrate Itheum’s proprietary “Social MVP Adapter” into the Discord project to collect data and track the social performance of ELROND APES NFT holders through the “Social” points system. Score”.

Thus, off-chain datasets can demonstrate community engagement and productivity. This measurement is slowly becoming important for projects like Elrond Apes. Itheum’s decentralized data brokerage technology and “Proof-of-Community-Reputation” concept will help improve community performance on a global scale.

As Iteum’s Passport technology is implemented, community members can mint and claim an NFMe ID avatar associated with their identity and will be stored in a private wallet.

Additionally, the Elrond Apes community can also claim and own data both on-chain and off-chain as they move between guilds and the vast Web3 gaming ecosystem.

About Iteum

Iteum provides a set of tools that allow high-value data to be bridged from Web2 to Web3 and then transacted peer-to-peer without any centralized intermediary. This will help users keep their data safe and secure, and easily join the Web3 and Metaverse data economy.

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