Do not buy iPad Air 4 in July 2022 for these reasons

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2022-07-26 01:15:44

iPad Air 4 is currently priced from only 12.59 million, down to nearly 5 million compared to the original. However, at this point, the iPad Air 4 is not what you should buy if you really want a tablet worth the money.

Price is not attractive compared to iPad Air 5

iPad Air 5 was just released not long ago with an outstanding upgrade with a powerful M1 chip equal to the Macbook. Although it has not been opened for sale in Vietnam, but with an expected price of 16.99 million VND, iPad Air 5 is more worthy for users to wait than buying a weaker iPad that is cheaper than 3 million VND. It is expected that iPad Air 5 may return to Vietnam in early April, so users should wait.

3 reasons you should not buy an iPad Air 4 in March 2022 despite a huge discount

Performance is not so outstanding with cheap iPad Gen 9

iPad Air 4 is the bridge between the low-cost version and the high-end version. It costs almost twice as much as iPad Gen 9 and cheaper than iPad Pro only 4.5 million.

Compared to the 9th gen iPad, the difference is quite obvious like you will have a more powerful chip in the Air 4, an edge-to-edge screen, a better camera, a more powerful A14 chip than A13, a higher capacity of 64GB>32GB.

However, in terms of performance the difference is not obvious. Any task performed well on both iPads with an unrecognizable degree of similarity. The fact that the iPad Air 4 shows its prowess only when it comes to video editing, it can allow editing of more video layers at once, or using a larger number of image layers in Procreate and other graphics editors. .

Too much inferior to iPad Pro despite the difference of 4.5 million VND

No need compared to iPad Pro with M1 chip, if you compare iPad Air 4 with iPad Pro 2020 launched in the same year, with an additional difference of 4.5 million dong, what you get will be an extremely different iPad.

You will have at least 128GB of memory; RAM is 4GB higher than 6GB; 120 Hz screen with much more advanced features. In addition, the iPad Pro also has FaceID while the iPad Air 4 uses fingerprint sensor technology on the Home button that is very rare in Apple.

Compared to the iPad Pro M1 launched earlier this year, with a difference of 6.5 million, the difference is even bigger when the new iPad Pro has an M1 chip with extremely powerful performance, twice as much RAM (8GB) and internal memory. starting at 128GB.


So it can be seen that the price of iPad Air 4 is not cheap, but the hardware is not too outstanding. Therefore, the advice given by many technology vloggers is that you should buy the iPad Gen 9 or try to buy an iPad Pro. If possible, wait for the iPad Air 5.

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