Celsius confirms leaked company customer email

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2022-07-29 07:14:40

Celsius said some of its customer data was leaked in a third-party data breach.

Celsius confirms leaked company customer email

On July 26, Celsius sent a notice to its customers informing that their email lists had been leaked by an employee of one of the business data management and messaging service providers. Celsius’s business.

According to Celsius, the breach came from an engineer of the Customer.io messaging platform who leaked data to a third-party bad guy. In addition, Celsius revealed the event was part of a large-scale leak of OpenSea user data that occurred in June 2022.

“Recently, our supplier Customer.io said one of its employees had access to Celsius’s list of customer email addresses.”

Celsius claims the incident does not pose any high risk to corporate customers, and insists it just wants users to be aware of what is happening. Neither the number of leaked emails nor the platforms involved were disclosed.

Even so, Celsius customers should be cautious as a form of phishing attack has become increasingly common in recent times, whereby emails are targeted, to lure victims into revealing more personal data or clicking on links to malicious websites that install unknown software so hackers can steal their crypto assets.

The most famous crypto data breach is probably the case of hardware wallet provider Ledger, whose servers were hacked in 2020. Ledger exposed the personal information of thousands of people. customers online, resulting in serious losses, however the company refused to compensate them. In April 2022, Ledger’s rival Trezor also faced a similar situation, but the wallet issuer quickly took action to stop it.

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