Celebrating ShopeeFood Festival, foodies get on the “train” to enjoy delicious dishes around the world

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2022-08-01 07:54:44

Someone once compared that the cuisine of each country is a mask representing the culture of that country. For example, eating pho will immediately think of Vietnam or using sashimi will immediately remember the country of the Rising Sun. This fueled the desire to explore the world’s culture and formed the concept of “taste tourism” in the community of food lovers.

“ShopeeFood Festival” is considered as a vibrant culinary and cultural intersection, bringing a series of themed food collections of each country with many valuable incentives, meeting the slogan “Craving is eat”.

And you, if you are too curious about the culinary world of “all shapes and sizes” out there, what are you waiting for, without getting on the “train” to discover flavors with ShopeeFood today!

Taste the sourness at Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

Referring to Thai cuisine, it is definitely impossible to ignore the characteristic sourness that appears in most of the outstanding dishes of the land of the Golden Temple. From Tom Yum scented with lemongrass and lemongrass, Pad Thai spicy with pepper and chili, Green curry scented with ginger and galangal, Som Tum with spicy papaya mixed with tears… all of them leave an indelible impression on foodies. .

Celebrating ShopeeFood Festival, foodies get on the

The seductive spicy flavor and the perfect seasoning of Thai dishes make you unable to stop until there is nothing left on the plate. (Image source: honeycombers)

To avoid the scene of “inhaling too much spice” when enjoying Thai food, do not forget to order an extra glass of cool tea to make the journey to enjoy the delicious food more complete. “Revealing” for you Phuc Long is having a program to give Phuc Long Milk Tea for only 1 VND when buying with Lotus Litchi Tea / Jasmine Tea / Lotus Tea / Longan Jasmine Tea / Peach Tea. All are calculated with a combo price of only 54,000 VND.

Enjoy frugal cuisine in the ancient capital of Kyoto

If you have ever traveled to the land of cherry blossoms, you will surely realize that frugality and balance are the two main factors in Japanese dishes. The interesting thing is that right here in Vietnam, you can fully experience this with a long list of delicious and healthy dishes such as sushi, sashimi, udon noodles, katsudon fried rice, Okonomiyaki pancakes… number of other tempting options with original taste.

Celebrating ShopeeFood Festival, foodies get on the

(Image source: Wineinblack)

Don’t worry about your “wallet” going flat after a meal, there is a way for you to enjoy “soft” Japanese food with “Super deal 0D” appearing in the collection “Low coming, storm deal 0D”, along with it’s a freeship voucher “X9 Freship, up to 35K off” from the ShopeeFood Festival event. Japanese food lovers quickly pocket this information to enjoy delicious food without worrying about the price!

Experience delicious BBQ in vibrant Seoul

Just close your eyes and inhale the aroma of grilled meat and a variety of panchan (side dishes), your mind will immediately move to the bustling Itaewon street of BBQ shops in the heart of Seoul. Stop by ShoppeFood Festival today to prolong this wonderful imagination with a series of super delicious BBQ dishes. The most remarkable is the opportunity to hunt for lightning deals for only 1 dong that Korean food lovers cannot ignore. Don’t forget to pay with ShopeePay to enjoy more offers from this e-wallet!

Celebrating ShopeeFood Festival, foodies get on the

Eat all Korean dishes with the most economical cost when participating in the collection of “Flash Deal, 1D + Freeship” from ShopeeFood. (Image source: bosshunting)

Change your taste with a menu of European dishes

Today’s journey of discovery would not be complete without a piece of European cuisine. With a long-standing culinary culture background and continuous innovation, European dishes always contain an irresistible attraction to diners from all over the world.

Celebrating the ShopeeFood Festival, foodies get on the

(Image source: Hyperandhyper)

In particular, add to your watchlist ShopeeFood’s exclusive collection of “Brand Party offers half-price deals” on Shopee app to collect a range of stylish European dishes from popular brands at discounted prices. 50%.

Back to the homeland with traditional Vietnamese dishes

Traveling around the world for a while, suddenly realized that “true love” is still familiar Vietnamese dishes. With prices ranging from affordable to high-end along with a rich flavor, harmony between sweet and sour elements, Vietnamese dishes are suitable for everyone’s taste. More interestingly, from street food to national dishes of the S-shaped strip of land all appear on ShopeeFood, it only takes a few steps to search and order and you will have a full party table. delicacies at home.

Celebrating ShopeeFood Festival, foodies get on the

Notably, on the occasion of ShopeeFood Festival today, Mang Mango – Hong Kong Mango Tea will offer you the shop’s signature mango tea for only 5,000 VND with the same price as 25,000 VND for super “craving” desserts. like Noodles with Mango Size M; Black milk tea; Black sugar pearl fresh milk; Milk oolong tea; Mango tea. In addition, enter voucher code MANGMANG20 to receive an instant discount of VND 20,000 for orders from VND 25,000.

Don’t forget, the universe of delicious dishes with attractive offers will not stop here but will continue to be extended during the jubilant ShopeeFood 26.7 today. What do foodies need to wait for without joining right away and always!

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