Buying a pH meter need to know these things

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2022-07-29 01:28:52

1. What is a pH meter? Application of PHE measurement

PH meter is a tool to test the alkalinity, acidity of solutions, bases, soil, water… Measurement results are displayed directly on the LCD screen of the machine. According to the technical pH measurement results, technicians can adjust to the water environment, soil used in families and factories.

PH meter Widely used in daily life. Especially in the environment and aquaculture industry. In addition, the pH meter is also widely used with many applications in the food industry such as measuring the pH of water, food, soil, plants, ….

2. Types of pH meters today

There are many different types of pH meters on the market today. For ease of visualization, temporarily divided into the following categories:

  • pH meter
  • Portable pH meter
  • benchtop pH meter
  • Wireless pH meter

3. Best selling pH meter brand in Hai Minh

Hanna pH meter

One of the top selling meters in Hai Minh to mention is the Hanna pH meter. This is a device manufactured by Hanna Instruments from the USA and distributed globally. Hanna Instruments holds many technology patents and exclusive features such as CAL Check technology; GLP data technology, BEPS technology to warn of battery failure, etc.

Horiba pH meter

Horiba is known as one of the most famous Japanese brands. This pH meter is equipped with many modern technologies such as LCD touch screen, using finger gestures to control, allowing to rotate many angles and heights …

Takemura Soil pH Meter

Takemura moisture and pH meter is made in Japan with modern and advanced technology. This machine series is chosen by many people because of its high work efficiency as well as its reasonable price, suitable for all customers’ pockets.

4. Notes when choosing a pH meter

Currently on the market there are many types of pH measuring devices with all models, types, brands… If you are intending to buy this device, please save the following:

Buy genuine products

Not only with the pH meter but also with the shopping of all products, electronics. You should choose reputable brands to ensure product quality and safety while using.

Choose a reputable shopping address

Not only buying genuine products, when choosing a buying point, you also need to choose a reputable address. Please only buy pH meters from authorized dealers or reputable stores specializing in providing genuine models, with documents proving the origin and origin.

Choose to buy a pH meter that suits your needs

Before you decide to buy a pH meter, you need to determine how much you need to use and what working requirements the meter needs to meet. The best machine is the one that fits and meets the maximum requirements you need.

5. HAI MINH SUPERMARKET – The address that provides a good, branded pH meter

There are many places on the market that provide pH meters that you can refer to. One of them is Hai Minh Supermarket. This is currently the leading supplier of the best genuine pH meter today. Besides, this is also a system specializing in the distribution and retail of machinery throughout the North, Central and South with a variety of machines such as household appliances, food, packaging, mechanics, construction, stationery, etc. ….

Coming to Hai Minh supermarket, you will be supported by a team of experienced and dedicated staff with a professional and synchronous management system.

Currently, Hai Minh has 8 large branches in central provinces, cities and wards to ensure that customers can access products in the easiest way. All products at Hai Minh are guaranteed to be genuine, with legal and clear documents. When buying here, customers also enjoy many preferential policies on price, warranty policy, best after-sales policy.

If there is a need, you can contact Hai Minh Supermarket via hotline, website for advice and quick support.

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