Blockchain network Polkadot can be selected as the official sponsor of FC Barcelona in Jersey

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2022-01-27 01:48:03

After ending the sponsorship contract with the e-commerce brand in Japan in July this year, FC Barcelona is considering choosing Polkadot and Spotify as official shirt sponsors.

FC Barcelona can choose Polkadot as shirt sponsor

FC Barcelona can choose Polkadot as shirt sponsor

As is known, a Japanese e-commerce company is the official sponsor of FC Barcelona, ​​so the shirt of this team’s players often has the Rakuten logo. However, the cooperation contract will end in July, so this club is searching and selecting new partners.

Some sources show that Polkadot is an option that this club considers. It is known that Polkadot is a blockchain network founded in 2016 but it develops and is most famous in 2021.

Speaking of its position, FC Barcelona said that this protocol is capable of performing “a high number of transactions per second”. Specifically, the project can implement 1,000 TPS. When it becomes fully operational, it is expected to grow to 1,000,000.

Another partner the club is thinking about is the digital music streaming service Spotify. Speaking about this, the Spanish team said that they will take the time to do a thorough examination before deciding on the choice of a partner that best suits my long-term strategies:

“The club has decided to patiently analyze everything to analyze each proposal in depth in order to reach the most profitable agreement on a long-term basis.”

In fact, this club is not new to the digital industry. Previously, the team signed a global partnership with Ownix ​​on the NFT marketplace to release an NFT collection for fans. However, soon after, the club canceled the agreement due to Moshe Hogeg (who is related to Ownix) was arrested for a number of crimes such as fraud and sexual assault.

Thus, if you choose Polkadot, this is not the first time you have cooperated with an organization related to the Blockchain field.

Polkadot grows strong and famous in 2021

Polkadot grows strong and famous in 2021
Polkadot grows strong and famous in 2021

Although formed in 2016, it can be affirmed that 2021 will see the blockchain protocol, Polkadot receives a lot of the biggest attention. Originally received was attributed to its innovative parachain approach.

Simply put, this feature allows to connect different blockchains together. It also allows users to build a blockchain with their Substrate framework and connects Polkadot’s network with other projects like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

In November of last year, the team behind the protocol launched its first Parachain Placement Auction. It relies on Kusama to test the concept of length.

In early January this year, the Moonbeam smart contract platform became the first fully operational platform on Polkadot. It plans to bring a number of new integrations, activities and users to promote the Polkadot ecosystem and contribute to the growth of the network.

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