Bitcoin auction in France: Someone bid $ 290,000 / BTC

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2021-03-22 07:43:07

During the auction of Bitcoin confiscated by the French government, a buyer bid at $ 290,000 / BTC.

Bitcoin auction in France: Someone bid $ 290,000 / BTC

As reported by CHK, the French government recently opened an auction of 611 BTC confiscated from the Gatehub hack in 2019.

Notably, a participant over the Internet paid 26,800 euros ($ 31,900) to buy 0.11 BTC. If the exchange rate is 1 BTC, this person buys the above amount of Bitcoin for up to 290,000 USD / BTC – 5 times higher than the current market rate.

Besides, according to the terms of the auction, buyers will have to pay a 14.28% fee to transfer the coins to their wallet. This means that the above buyer will have to spend 3,827 euros (4,555 USD) to be able to officially process the amount of BTC on “home”.

Bitcoin auction in France: Someone bid $ 290,000 / BTC
0.11 BTC was bought for 26,800 euros

In total, 437 lots of Bitcoin, with a value between 0.11 and 2 BTC, were sold at auction at the current market rate.

It is still unclear whether the mysterious buyer experienced a problem in the auction process. However, it is still fortunate that he did not offer a price of 290,000 USD / BTC for lot 2 Bitcoin, because if so, he would have to spend up to 660,000 USD (including fees) to receive the coins ” exorbitant “.

Simultaneously with the above Bitcoin auction in France, the US government held the auction of 0.7501 BTC. This auction also saw BTC being bought at a price up to $ 9,000 above market level.

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