Binance supports selling NFT football tickets to Lazio Club

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2022-07-31 19:24:40

Tickets to the matches of SSC Lazio in the framework of Serie A and the European Cup next season will be sold by Binance in the form of NFT.

Binance supports selling NFT football tickets to Lazio Club

In an announcement posted on the morning of July 30, cryptocurrency exchange Binance said it would support SSC Lazio football club (Italy) to issue season tickets in the form of NFTs.

As of the 2022/23 season, Lazio fans can buy tickets to the club’s football matches at the Stadio Olimpico’s home stadium easily in the form of NFT.

This is the latest collaborative effort of Binance and Lazio after jointly issuing the LAZIO fan token and reaching an agreement to sponsor the team’s logo in 2021.

Lazio is also the first team in Europe’s top national championship to deploy the NFT ticket model on a large scale.

Users need to register for a Binance account, verify their identity and then purchase a single or season ticket of Lazio through the Binance NFT platform, users will own an electronic ticket, not just a replacement for the traditional paper ticket. system but also offers many other benefits such as discounts on souvenirs, discounts on tickets to the Europa League, rewards for fans with LAZIO tokens, and other preferential benefits.

Binance claims digitization of football tickets is one of the best applications of NFT and blockchain, optimizing data integrity and immutability to ensure no black market ticketing, making fake tickets, stolen or damaged, and time consuming verification.

The exchange took the example of the match between Barcelona and Frankfurt at Camp Nou in the Europa League season 21/22 as an example of the limitations of the traditional ticketing model. At that time, Barca only issued 5,000 tickets for Frankfurt fans, but when the match took place, up to 30,000 fans of the away team were allowed to enter the field. Barcelona lost that match and were eliminated, while the players and Barca leadership were shocked because they thought they were playing away.

In addition to Lazio, Binance is also the official sponsor of the Argentina national football team and FC Porto (Portugal). The exchange recently announced a partnership with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and released the NFT collection for CR7.

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