Bad news for those who are playing PUBG Lite: This game will stop working at the end of April

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2021-04-02 19:03:50

(CHK) According to the information posted on The Verge, the popular game PUBG Lite will be suspended on April 19. Currently, the developer has paused new downloads for is based on the PC-based battle royale game and the official website has been closed. However, this game is still supported by players until May 29.

This decision does not affect PUBG Moblie Lite, the equivalent version for phones is still intact.

Krafton did not say why he would suspend the game PUBG Lite. However, there were signs of the malfunction a few months earlier. The studio released the game for free in November 2020, bringing with it the L-Coin currency in this game. It has only been available since the beta was released in January 2019, and updates stopped in early 2020.

If the needs of the users were the cause, this shouldn’t be too surprising. Although there are currently no statistics available on the players of this game, there is no secret that there is not a large audience asking about very few players in 2019. Lite is built to help People with modest computers may have a hard time experiencing PUBG with a casual game. But the game’s suspension suggests that many PC players wanted a “full” game instead.

PUBG Mobile Lite will have a safer future. It is designed to make PUBG Mobile viable on low-profile Android devices, and it has over 100 million installs so far. While one of them is likely to be repeatable, downloads do show that there are a few other titles that are more appealing to players on smartphones than on PC.


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