At the same price, should I choose iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 13 Pro for a better experience?

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2022-07-22 19:03:41

iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro are both today’s leading smartphones with luxurious designs, high-class crossover camera clusters and upgraded batteries for a more seamless user experience. According to a survey at dealers, the price of iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro in mid-July is not significantly different with the same memory capacity.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Therefore, many people are confused about which product to choose for longer use, more sensitive screen touch and better multitasking ability. Refer to the comparison information below to choose the iPhone that best suits your individual needs.

iPhone 13 Pro

Compare specs of iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro:

Comparative content

iPhone 13″ Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max


6.1 inch OLED

OLED 6.7 inch

Rear camera

3 12MP cameras

3 12MP cameras

Front camera




A15 Bionic

A14 Bionic




Internal memory



Rechargeable batteries

3095mAh, 20W

3687mAh, 20W

Reference price

24,490,000 won

24,990,000 won


Both smartphones have OLED screens for color quality and sharp, vivid image details. However, the iPhone 13 Pro still has a 6.1-inch screen like the iPhone 13, so the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger screen, optimizing the display space to help you have a more vivid entertainment experience.

iPhone 12 Pro Max has a larger screen than iPhone 13 Pro


Like the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro is also equipped with Apple’s latest A15 Bionic chipset manufactured on the 5nm process to help it achieve impressive performance: 50% faster CPU, 30% faster GPU than the A14 Bionic chip. . Therefore, iPhone 13 Pro will give gamers a better experience when they can “beautify” all hot games with simple to complex graphics without worrying about lag.

According to previous leaks, on the iPhone 14 Series, only the high-end Pro version and above will be equipped with Apple’s latest A16 Bionic chip. The other 2 versions still use the A15 Bionic chip like the iPhone 13 Series. So, if you want to own a phone with a chip as powerful as the iPhone 14, you should choose iPhone 13 Pro instead of iPhone 12 Pro Max.


iPhone 13 Pro has been upgraded to 6GB RAM, as big as iPhone 12 Pro Max. So, in terms of multitasking ability, these two phones have the same speed.

The battery

The iPhone 13 Pro also has a smaller battery than the iPhone 13, and of course much smaller than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. So, if you want to increase the usage time without needing to charge many times in a day, you should choose the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone 12 Pro Max is equipped with a larger battery for a more seamless gaming experience


iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max can be said to be “ten of ten”, each version has its own outstanding features. However, if you want to choose a phone with a large screen and battery capacity, you should choose the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you want to choose a phone with a powerful chipset that is not outdated, up to 1TB of internal memory and a cheaper price, then choose the iPhone 13 Pro.

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