Apple will use Tesla’s Megapack super battery to power its Cupertino headquarters

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2021-04-02 12:02:56

On Wednesday, Apple announced a large storage battery project at a solar farm in Northern California, which Apple has been building since 2015. But what Apple didn’t announce, are the batteries. This is for Tesla, according to The Verge.

The new storage battery system will be able to store energy up to 240 MWh. It will comprise 85 sets of Tesla-made Megapack lithium-ion super batteries, and will be used to power Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

California Flats Solar Farm.

Tesla first announced the Megapack battery system in 2019. However the system that Apple uses with a capacity of 60MW is not the largest, Tesla has produced a Megapack battery system with a capacity of 100W to store energy at Australia and Texas.

But Apple still claims this is the largest storage battery system in the United States, can power more than 7,000 homes throughout the day. Tesla’s Megapack batteries will help Apple store energy generated from the 130MW solar system at the California Flats farm.

Apple will use Tesla's Megapack super battery to power its Cupertino headquarters - Photo 2.

Tesla’s Megapack battery system.

Apple and Tesla have never been a partner before. In fact, these two companies are also fighting each other in the battle of poaching each other. With this new partnership, it is likely that in the near future Tesla will also be the battery supplier for Apple’s electric cars.

A competitive but also cooperative relationship, just like between Apple and Samsung.

Reference: theverge

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