Acer computer company was attacked by Ransomware, hackers demanded a ransom of 50 million USD

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2021-03-24 15:21:04

Computer giant Acer was hit by Ransomware REvil, in which the threats were demanding the largest ransom ever known, topping $ 50 million.

Acer is a Taiwanese computer and electronics manufacturer known for its laptops, desktops and monitors. Acer employs about 7,000 employees and its total profit in 2019 reaches 7.8 billion USD.

The Ransomware gang announced on the data website that they had compromised Acer and shared some pictures of alleged stolen files as evidence. These leaked images are for documents including financial spreadsheets, bank balances and bank contact information.

Acer's data leak on ransomware REvil website
Acer’s data leak on ransomware REvil website

Acer did not give a clear answer as to whether they were under the Ransomware REvil attack. In a request to provide more details, Acer said there is an ongoing investigation and for security reasons they cannot comment on details on the matter.

During the conversation between the victim and REvil, which started on March 14, the Acer representative was shocked by the huge ransom of $ 50 million. Later in the conversation, a REvil representative shared a link to Acer’s data leak page, which was confidential at the time.

Acer was asked for a ransom on the Tor payment site
Acer was asked for a ransom on the Tor payment site

The attackers also offer a 20% discount if the payment is made before March 17. In return, the Ransomware gang will provide a decoder, report vulnerabilities, and remove stolen files.

Cyber ​​attacks are a serious threat to the industry globally. In the crypto space, there are countless similar cases that have happened. Cream Finance was hacked, causing 13,000 ETH losses and the social token Roll platform was also the victim, with a total intrusion value of 3,000 ETH. DODO, the newly launched token, also had to see its decentralized exchange hacked, $ 3.8 million also “fly without wings”.

However, REvil’s $ 50 million ransom claim is the largest number known so far in history, prior to that the estimate stood at just $ 30 million from the Dairy Farm attack, also from REvil.

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