A series of low-cost Realme phones are about to be launched

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2022-08-05 20:00:39

(CHK) In the second half of this year, global users will receive a series of low-cost smartphone models from the Realme brand.

The name Realme must be no stranger to a large number of users in Vietnam as well as the world. Realme is a brand from China, after separating from OPPO (formerly OPPO Real – a sub-brand of OPPO Electronics Corporation), this brand was officially established on May 6, 2018. Not only smartphones, Realme also brings to the market many other electronic devices such as headphones, smart bracelets or bags.

In the near future, Realme is expected to launch at least 4 new smart mobile devices in the Indian market, including a 5G smartphone with a price of only 10,000 to 15,000 INR (from 2.9 ~ 4 USD). 4 million dong). With the launch of many low-cost mobile models in this market, Realme will easily capture the market when India is expected to deploy 5G network in the second half of 2022.

Madhav Sheth – Vice President of Realme shared: “The smartphone output will be better in the second half of 2022 because the processor shortage has started to decrease.” We hope that Realme will bring attractive low-cost phones to the Vietnamese market. From there, users will have the opportunity to experience 5G high-speed mobile network in the near future.

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