8 years can’t do Apple Car, what is Tim Cook planning?

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2022-07-25 01:25:43

According to The Street, Apple CEO Tim Cook seems to be reviving competition with Tesla and its boss Elon Musk.

Cook and Musk are among the most prominent faces in the tech world, along with Mark Zuckerberg. If Cook usually appears cautious, discreet, then Musk is always present everywhere and is an influential CEO. These 2 men are running 2 companies that have become prominent names.

Apple and its flagship product the iPhone became the norm when it came to smartphones. Tesla is the center of the auto industry right now. When a debate emerges around electric vehicles, it’s hard not to hear the name Tesla.

The two companies are also known for their innovation – making them rivals. Musk has never hidden that he prefers to dominate the innovation throne alone. The richest man in the world seems to think that he has surpassed even Steve Jobs – the founder of Apple.

Tesla leaders also never stopped criticizing Apple. In February, Tesla Design Director Franz von Holzhausen said that Apple hasn’t created anything for a very long time.

God, I’ve heard about Apple products. Right now, there’s nothing worth waiting for. Right. I feel it’s just a continuation. It’s just some kind of mold from the same thing. In terms of inspiration, it’s hard to get great creativity by doing what they’re doing“.

In May, Musk didn’t hesitate to attack Apple by talking about the controversial fees the iPhone maker charges developers.

Two months later, Apple counterattacked. And they used Tim Cook himself. Apple’s boss on July 7 was seen on an electric vehicle manufactured by Rivian Automotive – one of the emerging companies identified that could challenge Tesla for the throne in the electric vehicle market.

Cook used the R1T pickup when he attended a conference in Idaho – where big bosses gather. This CEO and others accompanying him used a car to go from the Sun Valley resort – where the conference was held to the restaurant.

Apple is not currently responding to this issue.

Rivian recently built three models – the R1T, the R1S SUV and the DEV truck at its factory in Normal, Ill. The company has a few cutting-edge technological innovations that experts say is one of Tesla’s most formidable rivals.

Rivian is also funded by Amazon and legendary financier George Soros. However, Rivian stock has fallen sharply since the start of the year because of supply chain difficulties. Rivian produced 4,401 vehicles in the second quarter to June 30, and delivered 4,467 units during the same period.

With Apple, some newspapers previously speculated that they would acquire the troubled electric car maker Canoo. However, a source revealed that Apple recently decided to carry out its own project.

In fact, Apple’s Apple Car project has been around for a long time but has been subject to a lot of upheaval. The project began in 2014 under the direction of Steve Zadesky, a former Ford engineer turned iPhone and iPod executive. The position was later given to former hardware head Dan Riccio and followed by his predecessor Bob Mansfield, who retired last year. Former Tesla CEO Doug Field took the helm of the project for a period from 2018 until September 2021.

When Field left the company, the lead on the project fell to Kevin Lynch. Unlike the previous four leaders, Lynch has neither hardware leadership expertise nor career history in the automotive world. His experience is limited to software. Lynch transformed the Apple Watch from a product with no apparent purpose into an indispensable device for notifications and health monitoring for millions of users.

Software is at the core of the Apple Car in at least two ways: The basic self-driving software that powers the car, and as with all Apple products, the operating system that users interact with to operate it. car.

When he took on the task, Lynch set out a new, unique direction for the project: A fully autonomous vehicle, without a steering wheel or pedals, and geared toward a limousine-like experience. He also pushed the development team, known as the Special Projects Team, to keep up the pace and work towards the goal of introducing the Apple Car as early as 2025.

Now that Lynch had figured out what he wanted from the project, he and Apple had to execute on that vision. The biggest challenge, aside from perfecting the technology, will be retaining the talent that will make this car a reality. However, Apple declined to comment on the matter.

Though Field is, by name and title, the most notable departure from the Apple Car team this year. But he was just one of many who left. In early 2021, the wave of departures began with four of the company’s top Apple Car leaders, all of whom were reporting to Field at the time: Dave Scott, Jaime Waydo, Dave Rosenthal, and Benjamin Lyon . Field then switched to Ford.

It’s not just top managers who have resigned. Recently, at least three key engineers working on battery technology, steering systems and self-driving sensors have left. Several former Apple employees have joined flying taxi startups.

Source: TheStreet, Bloomberg

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