76% of women say they would date crypto investors

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2022-08-02 14:02:51

After the latest survey of Cryptovantage, an interesting finding about the attraction of crypto investors has become the hot topic of discussion. Descriptive adjectives received as “more attractive, more intelligent” and “richer”.

Dating and crypto seem to have a relationship…

In order to determine if cryptocurrency investing makes others feel more attractive, the data company Cryptovantage conducted a survey of more than 1000 US citizens, both men and women.

Specifically, through interviewing 1,002 Americans, up to 50% women respondents think that crypto investors are more attractive than non-investors.

  • About forty six% respondents think crypto investors have more charm, while 42% think investors are smarter.
  • About 34% claim that crypto investors are richer than non-investors. In there, 40% of men asked that crypto investors are smarter than non-investors.

From research: “More than 3/4 number of respondents would agree to fall in love with crypto investors on dating apps and 55% said they are more likely to meet or go on dates with crypto investors. “

When asked if they can use crypto to pay while dating, 37% said they have. Around 31% of respondents responded that their dating partner paid with crypto, while 13% said they both paid with crypto.

About 76% of people said they tend to “say YES” (agree) if someone’s dating profile includes a description that they are a crypto investor.

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