6 ways to lock apps on iPhone without jailbreak

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2021-03-27 11:47:53

App lock on iPhone will help parents protect their kids from apps that are inappropriate for their child’s age, unhealthy programs or content, or that may prevent your child from playing games on the phone. Currently, there are many ways to lock apps on the iPhone without having to work too deeply into the machine’s system to avoid unnecessary problems. The following article will summarize to readers some ways to lock apps on iPhone.

1. Lock apps using the iPhone App Limits feature

IOS 12 has added the App Restrictions feature on the iPhone through setting a limit password. Then we will select the application that wants to set usage time limit. When the usage period expires, the application locks automatically and a password is required to open. To see how to set an iPhone app restriction password, refer to the article How to use the App Restrictions feature on the iPhone / iPad.

2. Lock iPhone apps with Face ID

On an iPhone using Face ID, you can lock apps using Face ID, preventing your child from using the app without unlocking it properly. Apps for which you gave permission to use Face ID during a new install can be locked with Face ID. See how to do in the article How to manage the right to log into the application using Face ID.

You can refer to some apps that can be locked with Touch ID or Face ID in the article 8 iPhone apps that can be locked with Touch ID or Face ID.

3. Set a password for the iPhone messaging app

Currently, a number of messaging applications support us to create a password to lock apps like Messenger or Zalo for example. You can see all the apps that have password lock feature by following the link below.

4. Install app lock app on iPhone

Some apps installed on the App Store have the ability to lock apps, or hide apps from the home screen on your iPhone. You can refer to Locker application. We will set a password for the Locker app, and then add the apps that we want to hide in the Locker. However, the app will only hide in the home screen and still show up in the App Gallery.

5. Lock iPhone apps by region limit

Step 1:

At the iPhone interface, you click to select the item Settings (Settings) then select General (General settings).

How to lock apps on iPhoneHow to lock apps on iPhone

Step 2:

In the General interface, you scroll down and select Accessibility (Accessibility). At section Leaning (Find out) we press select item Guided Access (Guided access).

How to lock apps on iPhoneHow to lock apps on iPhone

Step 3:

Here, we will enable this mode when slide the bar to the right. Also in the Guided Access interface, click the item Passcode Settings (Set password).

Next click select Set Guided Access Passcode (Set the guided access password) and enter password for any application you want to lock.

How to lock apps on iPhoneHow to lock apps on iPhoneHow to lock apps on iPhone

NoteThe device will ask you to enter the password 2 times to ensure that the user has entered the correct password.

Step 4:

You exit the main interface of the iPhone. Then choose any application on the device that needs to be secured, be it mail, Facebook, messages, pictures, … For example, I choose the Facebook Messenger app.

How to lock apps on iPhone

Step 5:

Next, Press the Home button 3 times in a row and the Guided Acceess interface appears. We hit the item Start (Start) to proceed. Now please localize places I don’t want others to touch. Or will circling all the application to lock it all.

Use Round 4 corners button to pull size circled area. When zoning is complete, click continue Start.

How to lock apps on iPhoneHow to lock apps on iPhone

Step 6:

We enter password established. Verify password again to confirm the zoned lock on the app.

How to lock apps on iPhoneHow to lock apps on iPhone

You will see the blurred area. No one will be able to access or perform any actions on the area you have zoned.

How to lock apps on iPhone

Step 7:

To unlock the app, we Press the Home key 3 times in a row. Right then, you just need to enter password is to be. To cancel app lock press Ends. If you want to continue implementing and choose another zoning, press Resume ( Restore).

In addition, when clicking the item Options (Optional) we can lock the function keys such as Volume Button, Keyboards, … press Done (Done) to save.

How to lock apps on iPhoneHow to lock apps on iPhone

To do not use application area locking This again, you go back to the interface Guided Acccess and slide the bar to the left to turn off this feature.

Thus, we showed you how to lock a certain app on iPhone or lock the preference area by setting it up on the device. Hopefully with this operation, your confidential information will be more secure as well as avoid curiosity.


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