3 smartphones cost less than 2 million VND, can install Zalo, play light games, surf social networks very well T8/2022

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2022-08-02 07:46:42

Today, brick phones with functions only for making calls have gradually disappeared, instead, smartphones with full functions have become cheaper and cheaper.

The common feature of these smartphones is to meet a minimum of smartphone functions such as listening to calls, reading news, surfing social networks and especially being able to install Zalo to text and call via wifi at no cost. .

Smartphones priced under 2 million ago were difficult to happen. However, in August 2022, Techz gives readers 3 smartphone options under 2 million, of which Nokia accounts for 2 representatives.

Nokia C01 Plus – Price: 1,420,000 VND

Nokia C01 Plus is the cheapest smartphone that Vietnamese users can buy today. It is also the only smartphone on this list under VND 1.5 million. At this price, Nokia C01 Plus gives users a very basic smartphone with a 5.45-inch screen that is quite small compared to today’s smartphone standards, usually over 6 inches.

Nokia C01 Plus Screen

The device will be equipped with an 8-core Spreadtrum SC9863A chip with a maximum clock speed of 1.6 GHz combined with 8GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. This configuration is just enough to run the Android 10 Go operating system very smoothly and also enough to operate popular applications for news and social networks. If desired, users can also play light games.

Nokia C01 Plus photography interface

Nokia C01 Plus also still has enough front and rear cameras with the same resolution of 5MP for average image quality, if not just for good.

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Nokia C20 – Price: 1,790,000 VND

Nokia C20 stands out with a large 6.5-inch HD screen that provides ample display space to watch videos or read online newspapers. It is equipped with Spreadtrum SC9863A chip, 2GB RAM with 32GB internal memory.

Nokia C20 possesses a luxurious design even though it is a cheap model

This configuration comes with super-light Android 11 Go that makes it smooth and enough to play light games. The device has enough front and rear cameras with 5MP resolution in addition. Nokia C20 has a full charging port, 3.5mm headphone jack to serve the maximum needs of users. Finally, the Nokia C20 has a 2950 mAh battery that supports 5W charging. It is likely that Nokia C20 will soon be replaced by Nokia C21 in the near future.

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Itel L6006 has many features of modern smartphones

Itel L6006 – Price: 1,990,000 VND

Itel L6006 features a 6.1-inch waterdrop screen for wide visibility suitable for older people or simply users who prefer large screens. The device has a screen with HD + resolution (720 x 1560 Pixels) that is sufficient for tasks such as watching movies, reading newspapers or surfing social networks.

Itel L6006 equipped with a low-cost chip Spreadtrum SC9832E 4-core clocked at 1.4 GHz. This chip is quite basic and can meet the basic needs mentioned above.

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