20+ interesting facts about Chicken species you may not know yet

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2021-04-02 08:50:20

Chicken is one of the animals most familiar to humans. However, this poultry species contains many interesting things that are certainly not known. Here are 30 interesting facts about chickens, after reading them you will be amazed.

1. With a population of about 25 billion chickens, chickens are the most raised poultry species in the world.

2. Chicken is actually a bird domesticated and raised from 5,400 years ago. And most of the chickens were originally domesticated, not for meat as today, but for cockfighting competitions.

3. Currently, chickens are present in all parts of the globe, but the truth is that all chickens have ancestors in Southeast Asia.

4. Chickens can fly, the record flight time of Chickens is 13 seconds. When they want to escape from dangerous or threatened places, chickens can also fly high enough to fly over a fence or up a branch.

5. Chickens have a good memory, they can distinguish more than 100 different faces of members of the species. In addition, chickens are not color blind, but on the contrary they can see and fully distinguish colors. An adult chicken is also said to be smarter than a toddler.

6. Chicken feed not only eats nuts and small insects, but they also eat gravel and large prey like lizards or mice.

7. At the same time the hen will mate with many different males. After mating, the hen will choose to give birth to which male and, even after choosing, if she suddenly does not want to continue giving birth with the chosen male, it can excrete that sperm.


8. To attract the hen, the rooster performs a small dance called “tidbitting” and makes a special sound and then moves its head up and down, picking up and dropping the food.

9. When it finds food, the rooster will call “detention” to notify the flock, while the hens will be silent.

10. After laying, and at times when the chicks are lost, the hen will “loosen” continuously at high volume.

11. Chickens communicate with each other to alert their fellow humans of the threats they see through more than 24 different squeals.

12. When incubating, the hen will turn her eggs about 50 times a day and call her young from the time the eggs are not yet hatched.

13. Like humans, chickens can dream, feel pain and sadness.

14. Hens in the wild only lay about 10-15 eggs a year, while industrial hens can lay eggs every day.

15. Chickens can take advantage of sunlight to find food, water and determine time. Therefore, the rooster can crow in the early morning like a biological clock.

16. Chicken can taste salty, but cannot taste sweetness.

17. Chickens can be navigated with biosensors that detect the Earth’s magnetic field like doves.

Interesting facts about chickens

18. The heart of the chicken beats at a rate of about 300 times / minute.

19. The maximum number of yolks in an egg is 9.

20. The average life expectancy of chickens is about 10-14 years depending on breed. The longest lifespan in the world is a hen. It died of heart disease, “enjoy them” 16 years old.

21. Brahma is a chicken known as “king of chickens”. This giant chicken has a super weight, the cock weighs about 9-18kg, the hen weighs about 7kg.


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