2 minutes to factory reset Samsung Galaxy with 5 ways

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2022-07-29 13:44:49

Instructions on how to reset Android phone

Factory reset is performed when the user locks the device but forgets the password or is locked due to repeated password attempts, the device freezes, crashes or operating system errors, when wanting to donate or sell the device to others.

The reset steps are below:

Step 1: Go to Settings > System > Reset options.

Step 2: Select Reset app preferences > Reset apps.

This is how reset is applied in most Android phones. However, each phone will have a different interface.

5 ways to factory reset Samsung phones

Factory reset Samsung device via Settings

Step 1: Go to Settings on your phone > Select General Management > Select Reset.

Step 2: Select Factory Reset > Select Reset.

This is an easy reset to do and is applied by most users.

Restore Samsung factory settings with Recovery

Step 1: Turn off the power completely and press the Recovery button with the right combination of buttons for your device. Ways to enter Recovery Mode on Samsung:

– Samsung smartphone with Home button: Hold Volume Up + Home button + Power button for 5-7 seconds.

– Samsung smartphones without Home button: Hold volume up + power button for about 5 seconds.

– Samsung smartphones with Bixby button: Hold the Volume Up button + Bixby button + power button for about 5 seconds.

Step 2: Select Wipe Data/ Factory Reset.

Step 3: Select Yes > Select Reboot system now.

However, this restore method is quite risky if you do not know the process. You should seek the help of reputable phone repair shops. Here’s how to factory reset Samsung when forgot password.

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Factory reset Samsung via Google Find My Device

If you have ever signed in with your Google account on a Samsung device, go to Settings and go to Google Find My Device > Sign In > Select your Samsung device > Click Erase Device.

Restore Samsung factory settings via Find My Mobile

If you have set up the Samsung Find My Mobile feature, go to the website https://findmymobile.samsung.com/ to log in to your Samsung Account > Go to the device section and select Erase Data.

Instructions to restore Samsung factory settings via Smart Switch software

First, you need to download the Smart Switch software to your computer.

● Step 1: Connect your Samsung phone to the computer via a cable.

● Step 2: In Smart Switch software, select Restore.

● Step 3: Select Restore Now.

Some questions related to the Samsung factory reset process

If you have some questions related to factory reset Samsung phone, find the answer below to see if it is there!

Which recovery method to choose when the phone fails to boot into the operating system?

If the phone does not boot into the operating system, restore using Recovery because this reset method does not depend on the operating system. If you cannot access Recovery, you need to have your Samsung phone serviced or repaired at reputable centers.

Will factory resetting my phone void the warranty?

No, factory resetting your phone does not affect the warranty status of your Samsung phone at all.

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Common problems during factory reset

Many people are often quite concerned about the Samsung factory reset that will affect the safety of the device. Factory settings can clean up junk files, cache,… making the machine heavy and full. This is a necessary operation to make the machine operate more sensitively. However, users should not abuse factory reset. You should do this every 2-3 months.

The factory reset process can lose your data so make a backup before doing it!

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